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Get Lost in the Melodic Harmonies of Faster Faster in New Single "Erase Me"

South Manchester recording artist Faster Faster is here to break some barriers in the music scene.

Faster Faster is all about bringing feel-good music to listeners' ears. Always maintaining a strong musical foundation, Faster Faster has never waivered when it came to dedication and resilience. Artistically, Faster Faster rarely plays it safe, but when they do, listeners are brought into a transcending world of elevated Dance/Pop synergies. 

"Erase Me" is the latest single offering from Faster Faster, and we can easily say that our expectations were met for this dance/pop song. Faster Faster definitely gets it right with the general ambiance of the track, as you can hear them maintaining the right kind of vibe needed for any dance/pop track.

"Erase Me" is a bit softer compared to other Deep House singles currently out there, and Faster Faster doesn't miss out on the opportunity to create a delicately intensified atmosphere. "Erase Me" is easy to move along to, and even easier to find yourself loosening up and letting go mentally. Faster Faster effortlessly takes listeners on a vibrant mental journey with the feel of "Erase Me", which prompts us to check-in for any of the artist's future releases.

Listen to "Erase Me" here.

Welcome, Faster Faster! You recently debuted your anticipated single "Erase Me", which was definitely deemed to be a feel-good listening experience. How do you go about the writing and recording process for tracks like "Erase Me", and what's the vision behind creating music that listeners can be effortlessly drawn to?

I actually start out by deciding on the key which I want to use and generally when I write music I favor minor keys as I feel they are so much more expressive than their relative major counterparts.  So, I began with the key which for "Erase Me" was A minor. From there I just play around with different chord progressions until I find two or 3 chords that sound good to me and then I just build piece by piece the music then the beat and then the vocals. Every song I have written has gone this way thus far and it seems to work well for me.

I am massively influenced by Kygo in particular and how he takes dance and isn't in your face with the breaks or drops. I think as a listener it's much more pleasing to the ear when music doesn't just try to do the obvious and is done so subtly. When in doubt, I'll ask myself would Kygo do?

Are there any elements within "Erase Me" that you were hoping listeners would pick up on? What was the general feeling you had releasing the more mellow track out to your listeners?

There is a message within the lyrics I placed over the song which is about when you need to get someone out of your life that is toxic. However, the element I'd like people to pick up is the contrast in music to lyrical content and key as although the subject matter may be not too happy and the key in minor which you associate more with sadder songs I like to make the track as feel good as I can as it reflects myself I think.  I'm not a person that takes life too seriously and likes to find humor in almost everything so even though I may be in a bad situation at times I have a positive outlook on it all.

Would you say that your music generally follows simplistic messages, or would you consider yourself an artist who prefers to use their music as a platform?

Both, it's good that music can be both those things and I want mine to have the same ideals. However,  I'd like it to be post-modern in that it will mean something different to everyone that hears it and sometimes I may write music as a platform to push me further but then to someone who really connects with any aspect of it it will mean more to them and vice versa I could write a piece which means so much to me but then that could not translate to others and that's the great thing about music is that it is so subjective. 

Where do you hope that your music takes you next in South Manchester? Are there any goals you've set for yourself artistically for the remainder of the year?

Well, the fun answer would be out of South Manchester. However, as long as I can consistently play and have my music heard I'll be happy. A personal go though would be to play in Ibiza as that place is like the place to be for Dance music. 

A realistic goal for myself this year though is to release all my singles and write a new album which there are still 5 more in the pipeline for release.

What are you doing to stay motivated through these tough times around the world?

Just write music. I am fortunate enough to have a studio at home with everything I need to write and record and it was the pandemic of COVID-19 and lockdown that inspired me to start writing dance music so creatively this pandemic has been great for me and I hope I can just continue to do that.


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