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Get Lost in The MookMann’s Lyrical Story Telling

The MookMann is a modern-day artist whose musical style is defined as being the cross fusion of jazz, soul, and urban rap. This unique blend allows for The MookMann to continually put out new awe-inspiring original sounds that tell us stories about people's lives and help provide the answers to their problems, all while making you groove out to the music. The MookMann is back at it again with another exciting single "Man Verses Lady." The vibes in this one are completely off the charts.

"Man Verses Lady" instantly throws us into otherworldly territory, The MookMann's unique vocals that remind us of Childish Gambino but with a unique, almost swinger flair combined with the lo-fi'd approximately early '50s jazz accompaniment have us starstruck. The musical style is incredibly new while also feeling strangely familiar; it's a fantastic blend that we are loving. With lyrics like "she don't know what to do, he do but he always abusive," we had instantly gotten the darker side of the story that The MookMann is telling. As we continued to listen to "Man Verses Lady," the picture that The MookMann was painting became more and more clear, and at the very end, it was full of contrast. It was colorful yet dark and modern but old. The MookMann has us completely hooked onto his unique style, and we cannot wait to hear what else is coming soon.

You can listen to “Man Verses Lady” here.

Hey there The MookMann! We are absolutely loving your unique style in “Man Verses Lady”, what had made you want to go into this style of music? Are there any idols from each genre you’re fusing together that helped you come to who you are?

What inspired me to make Trap jazz was the legendary Masego. That man is amazing I came home from work one day and was listening to music and came across this artist and his flow was amazing so I decided to do a voice-over on one of his tracks one day and the rest became history. The people that made me want to do this style one of them being Masego and the other is Sly and the family stone. Masego has style and class with the voice that many cherish. And sly has that funk and voice that makes you want to groove no matter where you are. I find these stories based on my life or other people’s lives. When I’m angry, sad, depressed I write about it and put everything in my journal and come back to it when I found the right melody and express it in a way where it can reach people but in a different way rather than a song.

Each of your songs feels like a unique story being told, where do you find these stories to sing about? What is the story and the source for “Man Verses Lady”?

The origin behind man vs lady came from reading my friends Facebook posts, they would always post selfies and statuses about their strong relationship then five seconds later They’re making hate posts and it would always be the guy giving in wanting the relationship back but the lady would be taking selfies at the beach with her friends or just chilling not phased by her ex.

Your music production has an almost sampled feeling to the instrumentation, what does your typical workflow look like for creating songs? Do you start with a particular element?

When I make a song I start off with the foundation the topic and then I once o have the topic I find the right setting so I’ll look on YouTube for beautiful scenery to make me feel unique and I would then use 5-7 hours of my day brainstorming a catchy yet unique sound to flow with my topic and start throwing words to the basic beat I made and once I realize I’d need to spice up the tempo then that’s when the fun starts I’d then add drums piano sax and that’s how my sound would come to play.

With already having such a unique sound, do you plan on venturing into new styles with future releases? Are there any goals you have for yourself as an artist for future releases?

My team and I have have been brainstorming a new sound actually and are working on coming up with an album. And it will be special because I’m going to focus more on the importance of people's lives rather than the typical fun dancy part. I call it the Basquiat phase. My goal is to make trap jazz a new trending genre that all artists can use and expand their creativity I am looking forward to that side of music. I call it the shifting phase.

Is there anything new coming from you?

What has me motivated is my supporters when I post on Instagram and see new faces liking my posts and also my day one supporter and there are 4 people I know off the top that keeps checking on me making sure I’m staying on top of my movement. It does get me impatient sometimes and makes me frustrated because there are days where there are no results and other days I’m just killing it but that’s what my supporters are there to keep me inspired to keep making that new sound.



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