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Get Lost in the Music With Jason Arias’ Song “Muted Dawn” Featuring Miguelangel and Ruby James

Jason Arias has recently come back with his new song “Muted Dawn” featuring Miguelangel and Ruby James. This song has a unique recording process, as the elements added by Miguelangel and Ruby James happened after the original recording when Jason Arias felt something was missing from the track. This is not your typical song, and Jason shows off his creativity by adding spoken voiceovers rather than musical lyrics. This gives the track more of a poetic feeling, as you listen to Ruby James desperately try to reach out to her significant other who has stormed out after a fight.

Muted Dawn” features beautiful, slow piano, that nicely emulates the devastating tone of the voiceovers. Miguelangel adds his touch to the song with soft guitar, that slowly joins the piano and gives it a building crescendo effect. The emotions in the words and melody resonate with the listener, leaving your head filled with emotions. His original intent for the song was something to help you escape, and something to listen to when you need to get away from your head. The song has grown from that and is different from Jason’s previous releases, which have had some melody and light percussion, or no melody at all. Jason Arias is not afraid to experiment and try new things when it comes to music, and his creativity pays off.

Listen to "Muted Dawn" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jason Arias! Your music is so unique and compelling, how does the music-making process begin for you? Where do you draw inspiration from?

A lot of the music is channeled from all this energy and emotion I have locked away so that’s where I draw from. It can be from something in the past I struggle with, something from my kids, or just a type of music that I can’t find so I create it myself.

Usually, I start off playing with different melodies and ideas. With “Muted Dawn”, once I had the chords I knew what sounds and instruments I wanted and it just pieced itself together perfectly. Once I had that it was all about placement.

Your music has lots of contributions from other artists, how important is it to you to have other creative minds work on your songs? For “Muted Dawn”, how did Miguelangel and Ruby James impact the song for the better?

I’ve always been absolutely intimidated to work with other people, so asking Miguelangel to work on this track was terrifying, but it was a refreshing feel because it brought a new sound to the music, something different and new perspective.

It was a huge impact because I know people don’t hear a lot of guitar in my music so even the simplest change can be very refreshing and different. I started listening to a lot of lo-fi music and to have the audio message with Ruby James took the song to a new personal experience so the listener can have an intimate connection with the track. I wouldn’t have had that had it been just music.

When creating music, do you often think about how it will be received by listeners? What do you hope people to take from “Muted Dawn”?

Every time I’m recording I want to provide a sense of escapism for the listener. With this track and this whole album actually I wanted to create a more intimate and vulnerable connection with the listener and I think I was able to accomplish that with this album.

Are there any artists that you admire and take inspiration from? How did you develop your sound?

Ever since I started music Linkin Park was and still is a huge influence to this day. Their raw and emotional based music is what I fell in love with as well as their sound. Now that I’m older they’re still a huge influence as well as Hans Zimmer, Ry X, Tony Anderson and of course Mike Shinoda. Each project the sound continues to change and develop so It's hard to say where it comes from because I’m listening to all types of different music but hoping to channel what those artists have me with their music: Escapism and a safe place.


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