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Get Lost In The Rhythm Of Alik Bulan’s Latest Hit, “Chanella”

Rising star and versatile recording artist Alik Bulan is back and better than ever, this time with a single that's already made waves worldwide titled "Chanella."

Having moved to Los Angeles in 2016, Alik Bulan (born Ishimwe Manoa) has spent the last three years finding his spot in the music industry. With this goal of integrating Rwandese and English languages and cultures into his music, he's been reaching audiences across the globe. His 2023 single, "I'm Sorry," is no exception, and the same can be said about his latest release.

"Chanella," also released with an accompanying music video directed by Mike Anderson, is undeniably a hit. With over 94K views on YouTube and 29K streams on Spotify, it's easy to understand just why this song resonates with so many listeners worldwide.

Diving deeper into "Chanella," the track opens with dreamy, radio-ready Afrobeat production and Alik Bulan's velvety vocals that transition seamlessly from English to Rwandese. There's no doubt that this song will be bumping in clubs soon enough. Its beat is irresistible, and Alik Bulan's rhythmic and sweet melodies make it effortless to listen to. 

Its music video is spicy, passionate, and everything we'd expect for such a feel-good song. Alik Bulan cozies up to the stunning presence of Miss "Chanella," alongside the occasional appearance of background dancers for a warm party feel. The video is perfectly executed, and the track has everything it needs to make it onto your daily playlist.

Hear it for yourself. Alik Bulan's latest single, "Chanella," is available on all digital streaming platforms, and the music video is on YouTube.

Welcome back to Buzz, Alik Bulan! We love the vibrant and rhythmic feel of your latest hit, "Chanella." What inspired you to write this upbeat and passionate song?

Thank you so much for having me back again. A lot has happened since our last interview, so I’m really excited to share it with you all….

I am happy to hear that you guys are vibing and enjoying listening to “CHANELLA.” The song was produced, mixed, and mastered by a Rwandan producer named YEWËEH. Vex Prince and I, Alik Bulan, co-wrote and performed it.

Okay, so Chanella is about LUST (not LOVE). The song talks about being so desperate to get Chanella attention to the point I am spending every dime till she drained my cash, but in the end, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT

What was your experience working with director Mike Anderson and the rest of the crew when shooting the "Chanella" music video? What was that collaboration like?

I would say that Chanella was definitely my first PRODUCTION MUSIC VIDEO.. before that, I just SHOT music videos. I would contact a videographer, give them ideas, put outfits together, and SHOOT A VIDEO FOR MY MUSIC. But with Chanella, it was next-level production.

Fun fact: Chanella was shot in the same setup studio as Rema/Selena Gomez shot "CalmDown" music videos…. With Chanella, we had weeks of preparation,

conference calls, emails, and texts. A call sheet with over 15 production crew from directors, producers, stylists, make-up, choreographers, and dancers. So you have this whole room booked for me, full of talented people for me, working on My music video… for me, that was a signal of a big shift and change in my music career and a reassurance that with this record label and management, I am in good hand and to keep doing what I’m doing…

What was your favorite part about creating the track "Chanella?" What moment or experience, maybe a collaboration, did you enjoy the most?

I think for me, being in the studio the whole process from beginning to the end of the “Chanella” making process was my favorite part….But the behind-the-scenes music video shoot for “CHANELLA” definitely was the moment I enjoyed the most. IT WAS JUST NEXT Level for me in my music career… I think for me being in a studio recording sessions and producing the Song is one of my happy spaces. I make sure that im connecting to what im saying, allow myself to be in the moment, and most importantly, make sure that im enjoying making music… but yeah, the shooting of “Chanella” music video was definitely the biggest highlight for me. Also, I finally collaborated with Vex Prince and worked with YewëeH on another song again. That was another fun part.

On a personal note, what's your journey as an artist been like since establishing as Alik Bulan? How has that shift influenced your music?

On a personal note, For me, the journey started bumpy because I had all these expectations that once I made good afrobeat music, my friends and family would go the extra mile to support me and Push me out more.. but once I learned to be there for myself, I always learned to be my number one fan and always to Expect myself give myself what I want from others so bad since I got signed to Kauris Music and adopted my stage name as ALIK BULAN. It’s been like a big change and a noticeable shift in my music career. "The change of name is a sign of a new beginning and a new phase in my music journey. When people listen to my music, I want them to hear the authentic sound of Africa, especially East Africa, because that's the sound of home to me."

February 15th was the release party for Chanella and my first-ever live performance in Hollywood, USA. Seeing people filling up the club and seeing my friends among the crowd singing, dancing, and vibing along to “CHANELLA” made me so happy.

Right now, I finally figure out what kind of music I want to make, and my first album is almost done. I have a couple of Shows I’m opening this summer. I am also planning to go back to Rwanda after the shows, maybe this summer. To make more music. I will shoot some music videos and do a couple of live TV and radio interviews. Simply put, RWANDA, for me, is my music creative space, and going back to Africa will allow me to create the sound and the music I want to share with the world

Why do you think "Chanella" has been so successful and managed to reach audiences worldwide? What about the song do you think resonates with so many people?

I mean Chanella was just released a month ago, so for now, im still celebrating and and vibing to the song. In just 30 days, Chanella has had over 101,000 views on YouTube and over 45,000 streams on Spotify. It’s being played on more than 40 radios and 60 TVs all across Africa in countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Nigeria, and Senegal… as well as in countries like the USA, the UK, and France. So that, for me, means we are definitely growing, expanding, and reaching audiences globally.


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