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Get Lost On Your Own Time Path With Avalon Kane’s Ethereal Record, “Tracks (Feat. Stu Patterson)”

Known for their unique melodies, Avalon Kane is an experimental electronic musician and songwriter from Kaurna Country, Adelaide, SA. The multifaceted talents she elaborately displays through her craft can be heard through guitar, self-taught piano, and of course, through her well-known experimental synthesizer sounds that also focus on sound modulation.

While Avalon has merged her love of Rock and Roll and Electronic music into her own inimitable sound, she collaborates with the talented Stu Patterson, who implements physical form into his compositions. This iconic duo takes their aptitudes to their latest sonic expression, “Tracks,” and has us indulging in the deluxe sounds portrayed.

“Tracks” carries forth a delicate essence of resonance that counteracts as a prevalent piece in the artistic soundscapes that define both Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson. As the record progresses through your headphones, each incorporated element has a purpose in its placement and leaves the song better than it was.

Taking us on this escapade through poignant melodies in the electronic realm, we can’t help but get entranced by the messaging and instrumental components before us. Add in Stu Patterson’s velvety vocals as they transcend through a reverberated chamber, and you have a record that embeds itself into your mind with conviction.

What impresses us the most with Avalon Kane’s artistic offerings has to be that she builds with such intent that every moment you listen to a song like “Tracks,” you get pulled into a whirlwind of emotions without even realizing it before it’s too late.

The layers secure a foundation of brilliance where she can bring in featuring artists to express their skill set while complementing the ease and grace she motions. “Tracks” is what you get when you reflect on the snapshot of your life that exposes a map full of paths, rips, bumps, crossroads, twists, turns, and a formation that doesn’t fall linear.

Spoiling listeners with this expedition worthy of a replay, take a peek into the world of Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson to see what the hype is about.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Avalon Kane. We’re thrilled to have you here to discuss your latest collaborative release with Stu Patterson. How did you come up with the creative concept of “Tracks?"

Thank you so much! Awesome to be able to chat with you. “Tracks” formed just after my son had a milestone birthday, and it hit me that he was suddenly going to hop off my track and onto his own. I guess I wanted to convey that time doesn't stand still for anyone and that you are holding a baby in your arms one minute, and the next, they are off on their own journey.

Did you have this ethereal sound locked and ready to go before you reached out to Stu Patterson? What was it like working with one another to bring this song to life? The track has been influenced by Stu. 50% had to be reshaped to capture the beauty of their voice. The first version had a completely different introduction, which was quite dramatic and hectic that built into the next calmer section. However, when Stu came in for vocals, their voice was so haunting that it changed the intro's scope. My producer Max Hurrell was a huge influence, too, in helping me rearrange the beginning. We found that teaming the simpler soundscapes with Stu's stunning vocals brought out the same message I was trying to convey in a more wistful format.

When you began embarking on the “Tracks” journey, which of your musical influences did you find seeped into the styling of “Tracks?”

It's hard to pinpoint an exact one, but in the last year, I have been submersed in Daniel Avery and Jon Hopkins. Daniel Avery is just a genius, and I love that rock music is a huge influence on his electronic style, just like it is for me. Rock and electro are just a vibe for me. I think that is why I also wanted Stu on the track, too, as alot of their other musical work is post-punk/Australian rock, and I love that. I want to explore the connections and experiment with rock and electronic music.

Could you please highlight the creative process of bringing this hit to life? Do you find that it fits into a pattern you normally create within? This one was a little different. I used a midi controller in an offbeat scale, and it was a sheer pattern forming that I stumbled across the sound I wanted. The trick was to remember then the pattern that I had done! I got it eventually. I then used my synth to extend the chords and soundscapes. The sounds I used on Tracks were some of my favorites - they were unique. The lyrics then came after, and they all fell into place well, which was nice.

What is the main message from “Tracks” you would like to resonate with your listeners?

The biggest thing I want listeners to take with them is to be brave. The proudest moments in my life have come from the scariest things. If you aren't willing to take risks, you will never feel that moment of true reward.

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