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Get Nostalgic With The New Release From A House Safe For Tigers

A House Safe For Tigers invites you along to take a little journey through their indie-rock chamber pop album "Space Between". The record is oozing with tasteful synthetic string sections and gives off the feeling of staring at an open night sky while afloat in an ocean. Waves lightly pushing your body up and down as you watch stars flicker and reminisce to yourself about days passed. The record is loaded with plucky bass tones and classic rock vocals schemes. A little country twang hidden beneath the surface sometimes peaks its head out every other song. 

Again, this album is something of a journey. One may be to be taken on a long drive or a night alone at home. Beautifully strung together and musically emotional. Give this one a good long listen because once you get halfway through the opening track, "Bumblebee", you'll find it difficult to stop listening. You can do exactly that right here


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