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Get of Your Vice in, "My Addiction"

Comprised of Rob Dexter (Vocals, Bass), Steve Bell (Guitars, Vocals), Joe Lopez (Drums), and Bill Kania (Guitars, Vocals), Kings County encompasses all that is kick-ass rock.

This Orlando, Florida foursome absolutely knows how to get your attention, and this becomes more apparent than ever in their latest sonic and visual pairing for “My Addiction.”

You’re immediately drawn toward the amplified essence of chugging guitar riffs jolting through the speakers as “My Addiction” prepares you for an extravagant visual expose to back the intensity of the sonic offering. Directed by Tommy Costanza from Alpha Vega Productions, the two main scenes in the cinematic approach allow viewers to fixate on the cutting edge performance techniques of Kings County while beneath them in an underworld of internal battle the red hues in the color scheme lock in a menacing feel as we witness someone tangled in a web of their own demons.

As Kings Country leaves it all on the screen through luminescent shades of white neon and haze to create a smoky vibe, more intimate with the theme of their showcase and subject matter, below them is a narrative that progresses with a woman ultimately breaking free from the addictions that are holding her back. Creating an elaborate scheme that falls into the unraveling of something that begins sullen but morphs into victory through the various scenes displayed, we have to admit that our attention doesn’t break away from the cinematic component at a single moment.

The strengthened vigor of “My Addiction,” coincides with the force that the music video brings in a well-rounded chronicle that is brilliant with its representation from all creative aspects. Produced by extraordinary producer and engineer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, this song hits in a way that you have to witness in order to grasp.

The intensity that immerses from “My Addiction,” speaks volumes on the importance of the subject matter you portray as a band. Was there a specific moment or story that inspired this song?

Absolutely, the song idea is based around a good friend of the band's that is currently dealing with a serious health issue. Back in September, he approached me about sharing his personal thoughts that he had in a journal about his ongoing situation, the addiction to getting back to a normal way of life, and a relationship he was currently in. I had some of the lyrics laying around that I wasn't using and it all came together. "My Addiction" can be applied to anyone struggling.

With such intricate details laced into the scenes of the music video, how long did it take you to film the visuals? Do you find that your initial vision came through exactly how you imagined it?

The filming took 2 full grueling days to shoot, 16 hour long days to be exact but creating the idea behind it took months to prepare. The scene ideas did change from time to time but never the vision. We knew we needed the right actor for it, someone who was willing to take chances and look outside the box. After going through several auditions we found our girl, a local Orlando-based actor. The web in the video depicts her being tired and controlled by her own addictions and eventually breaking free. We feel we surpassed our initial vision and took it to another level. Director Tommy Costanza blew it out of the water.

What was it like working with Chuck Alkazian and Tommy Costanza in order to give “My Addiction” the proper sound and image? How did this collaboration come to be?

The band couldn't have asked for a better team than Chuck Alkazian and video director Tommy Costanza. Before even thinking about a video we needed a killer audio track. A few months back I gave Chuck our scratch demo of the song and he was like, ok, you got something here but try this and sing the verses like that and it all came together. Video director Tommy Costanza was recommended to us by a friend of ours in a band here in Orlando. He directed one of their videos and it was great. He also has done videos for Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti so I had an idea he was gonna be the right guy. Tommy's love for hard rock music and his passion for making unique killer videos lifted our video into the stratosphere. According to Tommy great wasn't an option, this video had to be phenomenal and that's exactly what he delivered.

If your audience could take one thing away from “My Addiction,” what would you want it to be? Hope, that whatever you are struggling with there's always a way out. Keep fighting and you can achieve anything. 'My Addiction" is just that song, hope.



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