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Get Out of Your Seat For Ina Of KingQueen's latest release "Helsingborg"

Slaps of sound awake your ears as you press play on Ina Of KingQueen's latest release, "Helsingborg." LA-based multi-genre singer Ina Of KingQueen has created her latest release for the professional soccer team, Swedish Helsingborgs IF. This refreshing music composer is taking charge on the set of her music, conducting the song's narrative.

This soccer anthem rallies the team's fans to their feet with invigorating chants and electromagnetic beats. While there are incredibly charged elements of sound, an acoustic guitar provides a playful and charismatic melody. Ina Of KingQueen's voice over the leading verses is sweet and alluring, and when joined by the backing force of the Swedish Musicians Institute Choir, a mountain of sound erupts. We can literally see a sea of fans draped in red and blue (official colors of Swedish Helsingborgs IF), their fists in the air, chanting along to "Helsingborg." A sports arena demands a high-octane performance from its players and of the music that is blasted from the stadium loudspeakers, Ina Of KingQueen answers that call. If you need any inspiration to get up and go- "Helsingborg" will give you that kick-to-the-behind you need. Don't put it off and listen to Ina Of KingQueen's "Helsingborg" here.

Hello Ina Of KingQueen, and a red-carpet welcome to BuzzMusic. Can we start off by asking, what's in a name? Specifically,  Ina Of KingQueen? Thank you. I go by INA and I’m the lead singer of rock band KingQueen so when I decided to release music outside of the band I thought I should keep KingQueen with my artist name so our fans could find me and also so I can perform, combine and always promote both projects. As a solo I am releasing multi-genre music and collaborating with others and with the band, I’m sticking to pop-rock. 

Because the song was written for a sports team and knowing the song needed to have a high energy performance, what elements did you focus on to deliver that high-octane effect? This song is 100% focused on the fans and the players. I wanted to give them fuel. I wrote the lyrics and melody with the fans and the history of the team on my mind. I kept closing my eyes and imagining what it would sound like in a stadium and any time I could feel that it was the right words and right feel I moved on to the next part of the song. There is a variety of sound supplied on "Helsingborg," what genres of music are you most content performing? It was really important to me that the song “feels” Swedish and true to Helsingborg!! I listened to so many different styles of soccer anthems and I wanted to combine the epic well known universal soccer beat and drums and still keep it Swedish by adding the acoustic guitar and also an epic synth drop because we love electronic music. I also wanted it to feel and sound fresh and add the combination of something that could be played for years and years to come. Each detail in the song is carefully thought for. Even the bpm. It was much slower when I first wrote it.  Where did your musical journey begin for you and what has the LA music scene done for you creatively?

My musical journey began with me performing for my imaginary audience in my bedroom as a kid full of energy, hopes, and dreams. Every choice in my life has led to where I am now. It’s always been art related from writing and directing a musical, running a dance school to going on tour with my pop-rock band KingQueen.

LA is AMAZING! Why? Because there’s room for us all! There’s not only one level. You can be valuable in so many different projects. I’ve been really blessed with tons of opportunities. I’ve performed American music awards, Pride, had my music videos on MTV, and just always have a chance to do more. I think creatively most artists in LA feel that there’s always more. The journey never ends. Of course, it’s hard work but the reward is huge and it’s there for you to fight for. It’s open to everyone. And I really love that about LA. I never feel discouraged. 

What's next for you?

I’m currently recording an EP withKingQueenand about to release a music video for our track “Roller Coaster”. We were supposed to go on tour with ‘Out At The Fair’ this summer but it got postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19. Also as soon as travel restrictions are gone and the stadiums are allowed to be filled again I will fly to Sweden to perform “Helsingborg” at Helsingborgs IF home stadium Olympia. 



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