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Get Personal With Pigtails In Her New Music Video, “In My Head”

Looking for an unforgettable act with hooks you can't seem to shake? Versatile pop artist and singer-songwriter Pigtails is ready to lock you in for the ride in her latest single and accompanying music video for "In My Head."

Pigtails represent many things. On the one hand, they're often associated with youth, energy, and a child-like spirit. On the other hand, pigtails take patience and knowledge of how to twist and turn them perfectly. Artist Pigtails has the youthfulness and energy of a child and the wisdom of an adult, always ready to share her personal and relatable experiences with listeners.

In her recent single, "In My Head," Pigtails grabs the listener's attention with unforgettable hooks that draw from pop-punk, radio hits, snotty 80s rock glam, soundtrack music, and the chiptune sounds of vintage arcade games. However, it's the song's music video that truly gives a glimpse of what's going on in Pigtails' mind.

Directed by Nuno Bettencourt, the "In My Head" clip kicks off with Pigtails hitting the start button on a life-like arcade game. As she awakes in a tunnel-like room in front of a machine with levers and buttons, we can already tell that we've just taken a front-row seat at the main operator in Pigtails' brain.

Not only is the song wildly fun with upbeat pop sonics and Pigtails' charismatic vocals, but the visual also looks at the distractions, therapies, vices, and all that Pigtails associates herself with. It all feels like a playful arcade game where Pigtails is completely controlled, whipping her hair and making it clear that she means business.

You thought you knew Pigtails? Think again. See a new side of the dynamic pop artist's recent music video for "In My Head," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Pigtails. We love the energy and captivating nature of your recent single, "In My Head." What inspired you to create this honest yet upbeat track? Hi! Thank u so much. I wanted to create something that 8-year-old me would be excited about, find a way to process my feelings, and also create an earworm that kinda felt like my own brain. I came up with the hook one night in L. A and have this crazy voice memo of me singing it down into my phone, half asleep. What was your experience working with director Nuno Bettencourt for the "In My Head" music video? What was that collaboration like? I've always really loved music videos, and getting to create the concept with my producer Boyd Wilson was exciting. Working with Nuno as Director was so great. He also totally understood my vision of wanting to film the video in a WW2 bunker in the middle of lockdown, ha! What inspired the main scene in your music video for "In My Head?" Was this room meant to represent the little Pigtails in your mind, pulling all the levers and calling the shots? I like this question. The bunker is like a metaphor for my brain; I feel stuck in this wacky dystopian world. The levers feel almost as if they're launching my brain, you know, calling the shots, and I'm trying so hard to make sense of it all. I'm a pretty visual person, and I wanted to inject as much of myself into this video. I'm proud of it. How did you want your viewers to interpret the music video for "In My Head?" What did you want the visuals to make them think or feel? I hope this video makes people feel less isolated. For people to know that every single human struggles with something and that living inside your own head can be a mind f***, and sometimes there's nothing else to do but jam around in your kitchen feeling weird and happy all at the same time. What's next for you?

I want to tour Europe! I have a finished pop album and a new single that's ready to go, and I'm honestly so excited to release more music onto the planet.


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