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Get Power & Compassion With El West in "Heavy Hitter"

Who is El West as a band? Well, to start, they're the type of band that expresses real vitality and vigor within their music. There's never a moment you'll feel underwhelmed with El West. Their powerful personality will be what makes you admire their sound the most, but if it isn't that, then it'll be the multi-faceted production. If you're wanting to experience what we mean here, the best track to do the job would be El West's "Heavy Hitter". The track is an intricately arranged song, with clear strategic planning that went into the overall performance.

You're in for an authentic alt/rock experience with El West in "Heavy Hitter". The name of the track already gives way to what listeners can expect to hear: vitality, strength, and hard-hitting vocals along with an even more intense production. You can expect to hear a range of instrumentals contributing to the heavier parts of the track, where the guitar riffs are more prominent. Contrastingly, there are other areas of the song that feature lighter melodies, bringing listeners in for a more intimate experience with El West. We truly admire the dynamics in the vocals that are presented during "Heavy Hitter". The track paves a path for the band to display and show their artistry and musicianship, which are highly focused part of this track. The raw and rustic approach they take with refining their sound has been a true pleasure to listen along to. There's little room for error with El West in the way they cultivate their sound, with clear confidence. "Heavy Hitter" is an undoubtedly powerful song that will leave you and your listening desires fulfilled, to say the least.

Listen to "Heavy Hitter" from El West here.


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