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Get Pulled Into “Your Paradise” With Brett Copeland’s Fiery Energy

Brett Copeland returns to BuzzMusic with his second single of the year, “Your Paradise”.

The epitome of an authentic rock artist has been busy finalizing his debut EP set to release later this year. Being known for his striking energy, Brett Copeland really didn’t miss a beat with the release of his recent single “Your Paradise.”

A vibrant alternative rock song that pushes into heavy rock ’n roll, Brett Copeland has arranged this track to perfection and blasts through with an overall anthemic feel. Bringing in a sultry atmosphere through the scorching instrumentals and Brett Copeland’s playful lyricism, “Your Paradise” is nothing short of heat.

Taking a deeper listen to “Your Paradise,” the track is incredibly dynamic and ranges to different highs and lows. What strikes our ears instantly is the pre-chorus, where Brett Copeland and his accompanying electric guitars belt out these minor-key melodies that bring a sensual and haunting feeling. He sings about not regretting anything when spending the night with a certain someone, truly highlighting his fiery passion towards this person. The hook is another hi-fi element to the track, Brett Copeland’s chanting background vocals bring in vast energy that shoots the song up to the stars.

Brett Copeland’s “Your Paradise” is yet another blistering track from the electrifying singer, and we’re looking forward to what he brings in the future.

Discover "Your Paradies" here.

Great to have you back on BuzzMusic, Brett Copeland! We’re assuming that “Your Paradise” was another track inspired by your wife. What made you want to create another song that highlights your passion for her, yet incorporates energetic rock as well?

Hi, It's great to speak with you again. Actually, the song's about a young man suffering the harrowing, archaic toils of a dark and brutal, undeserved imprisonment and then, upon his glorious release, suddenly thrust into its antithesis -the decadent, reckless Dionysian spoils of the Los Angeles music scene. It is the story of extreme trials and tribulations and ultimate redemption -  scenarios of which I know all too well. My wife did shoot and design the cover art, though. 

The arrangement on your single “Your Paradise” is truly incredible, especially the pre-chorus and chorus. Was Brett Copeland accompanied by any producers when mixing this track, and what was this recording process like?

Thank you. I am proud of this song and how it turned out. I wrote it all, note by note, on a sh*tty old keyboard I bought for $20. By the time I finished writing and recording the demo on Logic at home, it was pretty close to exactly how I wanted the sound to be.  I did have a very clear vision for this song from day one. Not only for the structure but for the mix. Fortunately, I was introduced to an up and coming mixer named Joel Ferber who executed my vision perfectly as far as tones were concerned.  Additionally, my friend, Ramon Blanco - the guitar player for Grandson, brought his baritone guitar into the studio the day we recorded it at Matt Sorum's Drac studios, and that really helped bring out the vibe. Richard Bradly, the drummer for Dead Posey, played drums on it and executed the right feel perfectly. And of course, my dear friend Dan Curcio crushed on the bass.  In the studio,  I have to thank Chad Shlosser for recording the sick tones and maintaining my vision on this song as well. It was a very smooth process.  

With a debut set of singles and an upcoming EP, Brett Copeland has clearly been hard at work. Have you seen much change in how you create since the pandemic, or are you still executing the same habits?

Since I do most of the writing and production from home on my laptop, there is not that much of a change, to be honest. I am constantly creating and it's all done in Logic on guitars, bass, and keyboards. 

During your recent interview with BuzzMusic, Brett Copeland mentioned that being a solo artist is much easier for you than your previous band experiences. Have your views on creation and songwriting changed now that you don’t feel as much stress from other creators?

I do feel less of a creative burden not having to constantly compromise and appease other player's visions. My path is clear. I do, however,  still enjoy writing with other musicians, and I have not stopped. There are a few musicians/friends I am currently writing with right now who are in really successful bands who come to me with ideas and material that they love - but their bandmates don't love or think would fit the band's sound. It's fun and cathartic.  And, although those songs may or may not be "BrettCopeland" songs. they will probably see the light of day sooner or later. 

What's next for you, Brett?

What's next...That's a great question. I have some more songs to record and release. Really cool songs, and - lyrically, some things I need to get off my chest. Some of these songs I play all of the instruments on except for the drums. These new songs are going to surprise some people as well. Both musically, stylistically, and lyrically. I am also working on a video for Your Paradise. However, other than that - In truth, with the pandemic, what's next is a question on a lot of artists' minds. Sh*t has been so crazy, and the landscape is changing daily. Right now I am focusing on building an online presence and getting my music safely out there and waiting for the COVID dust to settle. The new normal is what's next, but I don't think any of us quite know what that means...


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