Get Ready For a Lustrious Listening Experience With Austin Ward's "The Moment I Left"

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Austin Ward has just put out his track "The Moment I Left", and it's a real poetic performance. He brings about a certain kind of soul to his music, and this recent release isn't any different. Austin Ward is successfully reeling us in with "The Moment I Left" and pulling on almost all of our heartstrings. The song really has you feeling introspective, but still maintains that fun and flowing atmosphere that leads to pure enjoyment from us as listeners. As an artist who puts major focus into the lyrical outflow and the precise way it gets administrated to listeners, Austin Ward can easily come off as a reflective artist who is able to tell a vast array of stories through his music. "The Moment I Left" will have you feeling either regenerated in a passé way, or it will have you feeling lush and full of stimulating energy.

We're sincerely looking forward to the upcoming work of Austin Ward. Currently, he's planning on releasing two EP's this year, one being offered to listeners in Spring, and another being offered later in the year. As a multi-faceted artist, Austin Ward has himself and his exclusive sound set, and he's ready to consistently release his art so that listeners can fully understand him better as an artist. We'll definitely be one of those listeners waiting patiently for the EP releases! For now, we're perfectly fine with listening to "The Moment I Left".

Listen along to "The Moment I Left" by Austin Ward here.