Get Ready for a New Love Story in JM Haze's "The Way She Talk"

Being based out of uptown Philadelphia, the rap artist JM Haze has a style that the culmination of hip-hop, trap, soul, and alternative fusion. Since beginning his career at the age of 17, JM Haze has toured around Washington DC., New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia, and continues to step in in times of need to help others with their music to bring the best out of them. JM Haze recently released his flaming hot new record with Natanya “The Way She Talk,” and we can’t get enough of it. “The Way She Talk” is one of those tunes that instantly hits you in the chest as soon as you put it on. Something about it can quickly get a whole dance floor to move. Part of this has to do with those ever groovy and heavy 808 drums. The incredibly passionate vocal performances from both JM Haze and Natanya, JM Haze, brings the heat with his master-crafted flows where Natanya brings out the sexy qualities and almost brings it to a low key vibe that quickly will get you swaying. “The Way She Talk” feels almost like a love tune, one person confessing the love and how the other person essentially sweeps them off their feet; the dynamic duo between JM Haze and Natanya perfectly complements this idea in their storytelling and sense of cohesion and feeling complete. This an incredible release that is full of energy has a story and has a deep vibe to it, we couldn’t recommend enough to give this record a listen, you’ll be sure to regret missing it.

You can find “The Way She Talk” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic JM Haze! Your latest release “The Way She Talk” has such a great vibe to it, what was it like to work with Natanya?  Did she help out with any of the songwriting here?

Thank you for having me and I’m glad the Buzz Music team enjoyed the song! Working with Natanya was great, she is an amazing artist and pushed me to be my best. She wrote and sang the hook, which was indeed a big help and one of my most favorite parts of the track.

We are definitely getting some emotional feelings in the lyrics, what kind of deep connection do you have with them? Is there a specific way you want the audience to perceive this tune?

As an artist, I think we are all deeply connected to everything we write. For this song specifically, I had to tap into a more emotional side of myself, which was a tad challenging in the beginning writing stage. I would like for this song to engage with a broader audience. I want them to walk away from the song feeling joyful and charged. People can add it to their favorite playlists and either ride around and vibe or turn up and dance.

Having toured around the North East end of the U.S., did you ever have any particular “wow” moments during a show? What kinds of things inspired you when traveling to different cities?

For the bulk of my career, I have performed mostly in Philadelphia. That crowd can be hard to please, so I would say performing in different places was the “wow” factor for me. It helped grow my confidence and comfortability on stage. Though, the performance that I took the most away from was when I performed in DC. I thought Philadelphia had the toughest crowd, but DC gave me a truly unique performing experience. I walked away from it learning a lot and inspired to be better, do better.

Do you remember what was the inspiration behind you wanting to start rapping at 17 years old? What had made you want to help out your friend which led to the career you have now? Did you ever think you would be where you are now?

The inspiration was always there- my friend definitely bought it out of me and I will forever appreciate him for that. I’d always had an interest in music, even before 17, but what made me want to help him was his drive for the arts and my support for him. I honestly picked up the pen about a week or two after he suggested. Also, my mom heard me rapping some Eminem lyrics and told me I had a nice voice and that I should try and write. After that, I figured two people telling me to write lyrics must be a sign. That’s how it all began! Without those two people in my life and their help in sparking this interest- I definitely wouldn’t be here now!

What can we expect to see from you next?

This is going to sound cliché, but more music first before anything else. I have a lot of different interests and a bunch of goals I would like to accomplish as an entertainer, but the music is what’s most important to me. I don’t have a lot of music out there yet, so my main goal is getting listeners more excited and engaged with what I have coming up.