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Get Ready for an Eclectic Experience With Venture Palace's "Yoke"

Musical duo Venture Palace currently resides in Nashville, TN, and are emerging with their powerful and sharp collective sounding! They've been making noise within the music scene, and not just one particular categorical scene. Venture Palace is entirely authentic with their mixing, and it's ultimately their choice of synths that ensure a unique experience on the listener's end. Every month Venture Palace releases a track in order to lead up to their debut album "Salt", which we can expect to be released mid-March of 2020! One of their most recent monthly releases, "Yoke", has been successfully recorded and released, and when we say this particular track involves a wide range of musical components, we really really mean it.

There's definitely an imminent sense of eclecticism within Venture Palace's "Yoke". The duo's sound within this track strives for uniqueness and divergence. We know that "Yoke" proves the multi-categorical side of Venture Palace's sound and showcases their ability to create varied sounds and mesh them into one another. We have to admit, we listened to "Yoke" numerous times before the track fully resonated with us. Nevertheless, we knew we came upon an intricate styling that needed to be peeled back, layer by layer until we hit the core of what Venture Palace has to offer. They truly to bring about a fresh new perspective on the Electronic world of music today. They're blending together harsh and elemental melodies in "Yoke", which once fused, allows for an intensified and electrifying experience on the listener's end. We're definitely intrigued to see where Venture Palace takes their sound next because we truly don't know where it'll go, which makes it that much more fun to find out!

Discover "Yoke" by Venture Palace here.


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