Get Ready for Austin Markham's Self-Reflective EP, 'Me'

Destined to catch your attention, Austin Markham is a Nashville-based 21-year-old Pop/R&B singer-songwriter. Wrapping his music in vulnerable lyricism accompanied by buttery vocals, Austin Markham works endlessly to perfect the music he puts out while striving to be a role model of confidence, self-love, and perseverance for listeners of all backgrounds.

Effortlessly blurring the lines between genres, the R&B/Pop umbrella that his music falls under creates an environment for various discussions and feelings. With these tones coming out on Austin Markham’s debut four-track EP, ‘Me,’ his audience is able to better reflect on snapshots from some of the artist's most significant moments in life.

Upping the ante and plunging into the EP’s lead an introductory single, “Look At Me Now,” we’re immediately graced with the buttery vocal performance of Austin Markham at his most vulnerable. The introspective lyrics seamlessly cascade with the opulent guitar riffs and feathery synths that make up the mid-tempo grooves we immerse ourselves in. He is a master at nailing harmonies that have you elevated beyond new heights. Crafting layers of dynamics in the forward, and melodic approach to his songwriting, Austin Markham gracefully settles us into this project all while depicting a narrative that touches on the dissonance between people’s expectations and who we authentically are as beings. Topping off a poignant message that has us peeking into the perspective lens of the emerging artist, the golden saxophone notes send us over the top before we indulge in the project's next song.

“Changed,” has us traveling through the depths of the atmospheric descants that welcome us into the refreshing soundscape of rhythm. The bassline drives home the fortified resonance in a major way as the powerful timbres expressed by Austin Markham have us craving the next lyric upon impact. Taking the route of a smooth anthem, intertwined with various vocal harmonies that fill up the dreamy utopia we plunge into, the memorability factor that this song holds is uncanny. One to always bring an empowering message to each song he conveys, we grasp onto the theme of coming out on top despite the toxicity that attempts to drag us down.

Third, on the tracklist, we have the deep tones that invite us into a reflective spectrum of what it’s like to be, “Not Okay.” The forward lyricism that showcases an ever-growing style of penmanship has us feasting on the authenticity that runs through Austin Markham’s veins. Allowing himself to expose certain parts of his life that listeners can relate to on a profound level, the bravado that surfaces through his willingness to tell a tale about his life without his father is truly remarkable. Within striking timbres, and moments of spoken word, we admire the positivity that stems from the moments where it’s not easy to hold onto your faith, but Austin Markham ensures the importance of doing so has repercussions that make it all worth the fight.

Coming to the final song that we’re graciously offered upon the four-track EP, ‘Me,’ the effervescent beauty of “Gon’ Be Alright,” leaves us on a high note of this mirror onto Austin Markham’s life. His melismatic vocal range has us gripping onto the edge of our seats as he serenades us in genuine words that instill those last moments of hopefulness into his listeners far and wide. Capturing a euphoric ambiance that ignites a fiery sense of determination within us, we feel that this is the perfect moment to send us off into the real world and apply the glorious significance that Austin Markham has intended for us too. Tapping into a top-tier production quality, a meaningful scripture of charismatically portrayed honesty, and the effortless flow of a soundscape, ‘Me’ has us smothered in pure bliss as we reflect on what we just took in.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Austin Markham! We absolutely love your debut EP, ‘Me.’ This body of work allows us to learn so much about you. Did you know from the beginning that you would let yourself get as vulnerable as you did on the project? Did you find this fairly easy to tap into?

It was scary writing from a place of true vulnerability. All of these songs were birthed out of the conversation. We started each write with an intentional conversation and that conversation guided our writing. The very first time I spoke to my producer, even before I hired him I told him I wanted something raw and real. During our conversations, prior to being in the studio, we discussed exactly what I wanted to say and why. I believe this is why we have such powerful lyrics, I was intentional from the very beginning.

We find that the flow of the EP has us perfectly placed into what comes next. Could you please share your method for the placement of each song on the tracklist?

I wanted my music to flow, from the first song to the last. From "Look At Me Now", my debut message to my listeners, I wanted to come from that message of triumph to talk about how I have changed, so we placed 'Changed' second. The third song is the most personal, I didn't want to jump into such a personal song until they had a chance to listen to the other two. 'Not Okay' is a song written from a place soaked in childhood memories without a father. A song that takes my listeners through that experience and my feelings today, encouraging anyone who relates to forgive and heal. And lastly, so intentionally written for the last song, we have 'Gon' Be Alright'. A hopeful upbeat song that effortlessly aims to lift the spirits of those who listen.

If you were to truly take a deep dive into each song at this present moment, would there be a particular one that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

'Not Okay' is the first song I wrote for this project upon moving to Nashville. It was the first song I had started and finished myself. It is so raw, so unedited, and real, and that is exactly the type of songs I wrote for this project and the type of songs I will always write.

How different is your creative process, if at all when tackling the feat of crafting an EP, versus a single?

The process was very intentional from the beginning. When I met my producer Sam Hart, here in Nashville, I communicated to him exactly what I aimed to do with my first body of music. I wanted 4 songs that would crack the door open into who I am while leaving room for listeners to want more. I consistently came back to the word 'resonate' when we were writing. I wanted these songs to resonate, to hit someone in the gut, hard. With every person involved, I was very intentional in who I allowed on this project. When I moved to Nashville I probably had fifty producers messaging me and many more songwriters. I believe those who have been a part of this project were exactly the ones who needed to be a part. Intentionality. That is the key to making my art. Tuning out the voices, so that I can release what God put in me.

What are you hoping that your fan base can take away from ‘Me?'

I hope listeners take away a little courage every time they listen to these songs. Courage to find themselves and to then be themselves. Courage to walk away from toxic people and toxic environments. Courage to say they’re “not okay” while understanding that they will be okay. And I hope anyone who listens is reminded of the truth that “Gon’ Be Alright."


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