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Get Ready For D. Edge's Stimulating New Music Video For, "Shadow Clone Jutsu"

When you're in need of heated, thrilling hip-hop, get your fix from D. Edge. The Brooklyn-bred emcee is just about ready to drop his forthcoming music video for his latest dark and dominant anthem, "Shadow Clone Jutsu."

D. Edge is a student of the rap game, constantly studying the ins and outs of writing cohesive and conceptual bars. He was a fan of poetry and freestyling at a young age, leading him to write and record therapeutic songs about living as a Black man in the United States.

Within his fierce tracks, you can hear subtle similarities to D. Edge's main musical influences like Big L, Outkast, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, 2Pac, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Redman, DMX, and tons more.

D. Edge firmly believes that a great rapper should be versatile and able to rap about anything, which is precisely what he brings to the table through each release. His recent single, "Shadow Clone Jutsu," is no exception.

For such a fiery track, we should only expect an equally exhilarating music video. The track was produced by Woodro Skillson, and the video was shot by videographer JClinique.

Prepare your eyes, ears, and mind for D. Edge's upcoming music video for his stimulating single, "Shadow Clone Jutsu," premiering on YouTube on June 16.


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