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Get Ready for Heat With Miracle’s Latest EP '1998'

Hailing from Edmonton Alberta, artist/rapper Miracle drops his versatile and modern EP '1998'. Always one to go the extra mile, Miracle has worked countless days to deliver skilled entertainment with integrity. Truly getting a glimpse of who Miracle is through his latest bop of an EP '1998'.

Opening the project with the intro track "Trendsetter," we're already captivated by the modern and deep hip-hop beat. Once Miracle makes his way in, his flow takes from the greats of hip-hop and delivers with nothing but talent and confidence. He raps on moving towards his goals with authority while ignoring those who seem to cling to his success. Brining in vibes and bar, Miracle's low octave vocals bring in that serious tone to the track while ending it off with poise.

Miracle's flow is at a high during the second track, "Look at Me," as he wastes no time to wait around and jumps into this track hard and fast. Again standing strong with confidence, Miracle goes in on his haters and effortlessly lets them know that he isn't fazed and never will be. It helped Miracle create music of his own that hovers over the wannabe's and shows them how unbothered Miracle really is. The hip-hop/trap beat maintains low and steady all throughout the track, highlighting Miracles' dominance in the rap game.

The incredibly produced third track "Gifted" opens up with a different kind of trap beat, through cultural flutes and chiming effects. Again rounding out the track to be extremely modern, the production is so well-thought-out by incorporating these head-bopping kicks that grip on to our ears and hang on tightly. Miracle brings in very conceptual bars by rapping about how the voices in his head tell him to give up and do something more realistic. Yet, he channels that infectious confidence and reassures himself that his music is leading him down the path meant for Miracle.

So far, throughout Miracle's EP, we're blown away by the precise and detailed production that truly adds range to the project. Especially with the next track "Ape Shit," we're met with an incredibly modern, danceable, and deep running beat. Miracle adds in his bars and raps playful lyricism towards his natural charm on women. It's normal for Miracle to receive this attention as his talent naturally gravitates people. The track screams confidence and Miracle's journey to receiving this attention, while also letting us take a walk in his shoes.

Another deftly produced track takes the stage with "Smoke," being the last original track on the "1998" EP. The beat rains down with power through those striking kicks, snares, and even added melodic keyboard overtop. Miracle blasts into the song with his bars surrounding more of a serious and angry tone towards people who talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Especially people who ask a lot of Miracle, he explains that he won't get involved if he doesn't have to, and to trust him when he says you don't want him to get involved.

Reaching the end of the '1998' EP, we're met with the final track being "Gifted (Radio Edit)." The same as the third track "Gifted," yet suitable for radio airplay through a lack of cursing. Getting his message across just as effectively as the original track, Miracle allows a variety of audiences to get down to his strong beats and thorough messages. The entire EP "1998" plays out as an incredibly deep-running piece with talented production and even more gifted bars from Miracle, it'd be a shame to miss out on the experience that the EP has to offer.

Check out '1998' here.

Hey Miracle, welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest fiery EP '1998' brings us right into the mind of Miracle, as you express many concepts throughout the project. Did you have anything that acted as the EP’s main inspiration? Or did you take each track differently?

Thank you for having me. I would say that the love I have for hip-hop legends such as Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake are the biggest influences when it comes to writing the way I do. Regardless of what direction I go in, musically, I always listen to them and more legends for motivation.

Within the entire EP '1998', Miracle raps overtop these groundbreaking beats that highlight pure and talented hip-hop production. Did you produce these tracks yourself? If not, what was your collaborative process like when narrowing down each vibe for each song?

I was fortunate enough to come across such talented producers. When I first heard the instrumental for Trendsetter and Ape Sh** It gave me a party/club feel so I worked towards making them as catchy as possible.

Hearing the instrumental for "Look at Me" I just knew that I had to pop off lyrically and with such speed while keeping up with the hip hop music we hear today. I couldn’t get myself to go a different route no matter how hard I tried, haha.

Gifted was mostly freestyled so the vibe was made on spot! Lastly, "Smoke". I was telling a story between myself and people that didn’t respect me. I wanted to make a statement. I actually wrote this song a long time ago but never released it because I did not feel that it was good enough until I showed it to my closest friend who is like a sister to me convinced me to release the song after telling me that it was her favourite. I made sure to never doubt myself again after that!

Seeing as your EP “1998” is your first multi-track project to be released, Miracle really brings in an experienced sound. How did you want listeners to perceive the project, and what sort of first impression did you want to make with your audience?

I wanted the audience to see me as an artist that is very versatile with an expansive style that can showcase different flows on any beat while being authentic.

Speaking of the entire EP “1998”, there are a few tracks that stand out to us through Miracle’s deep concepts and ability to ride the beat. Does Miracle have a personal favourite track on the EP? Why do you think it stands out for you?

Personally, "Gifted" is my favourite because I was very impressed with how fast I wrote and recorded it. The lyrics were pretty much freestyled. It took me a day to finish everything whereas all the other songs took me days to weeks. I was really in the zone working on that song, writers block was non-existent for me.

What's next for you? Currently working towards upgrading my studio gear, but due to the pandemic, the items will take longer to be shipped so in the meantime I am always looking to improve my craft by reading, freestyling, listening to new and old music and more.



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