Get Ready For Kanistha’s Bold New Release “You & I"

Kanistha is a Toronto based artist who fuses elements to create her own interesting styles. Recently, Kanistha released her jaw-dropping massive single “You & I” and within the first minute, it is stuck in our heads. There's an almost dark mysterious approach to the vocals here that has hypnotized as if we are a snake and she is the charmer. In the chorus, the record completely explodes in energy to create a mystical anthemic vibe that perfectly sets us up for an ethereal bridge that brings the energy down before hitting us again with a heavy chorus.

You & I” is full of modern flairs to it but also keeps a sense of familiarity that is really pleasing for us to hear. This record features big bad brass stabs, an intense Trap drum kit, a deep and mellowed out bass, moody synths, and Kanistha’s captivating vocals that are full of high energy and are a big inspiration for the mood we want to flow in. “You & I” is one of those tunes that came out as almost a surprise and has us completely hooked, we are absolutely excited for future releases to come from Kanistha.

Listen to 'You & I' here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kanistha! We are loving your latest release “You & I”, it’s such a big mood for us. What was it like to be working with SLWJMZ, LaFlamme, and Nevon Sinclair to come up with this record? Adrian (SLWJMZ) is amazing and super energetic! After I wrote the song, we spent a few sessions in his studio making the beat. I wanted a strong beat like Blackpink’s Kill This Love that incorporated trap sounds similar to Beyonce’s Partition and had an 80’s bop flair like the Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. Afterward, Nevon helped fine-tune the lead vocals and add harmonies. The opera harmony in the background was his idea. James (LaFlamme) was onboarded afterward. He really helped create the big production atmosphere I wanted. If you listen to the pre-chorus, you can hear his cool distorted vocal harmony effects.      Your sound has an amazing modern polish to it that keeps things super clean and tight. With some of your influences being a mix of some Pop icons and some classic R&B artists, what about them has made them influence you? How have they inspired the music you’re writing? I would say my biggest inspiration in music are Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Whitney Houston. What I find captivating about these artists is how extra and theatrical they are in their music. Take Ari for instance, her Honeymoon Avenue single is filled with so many beautiful vocal harmonies and runs. The violin arpeggio at the beginning is the source of inspiration to my Validation single intro. On the other hand, 7 Rings is very experimental.  Ari plays around with vocal rap, which comes off as effortless and is unique from her other music.   Being up in Toronto definitely is something pretty inspiring, do you ever get inspired by “the sound of Toronto”? Do you think you’d be creating the same music if you lived in another city? My music preference definitely changed after I moved to Toronto for university. Everybody here loves Hip Hop; we have the 6ix God himself to thank for that! The EDM scene here is pretty big as well. That being said, I don’t think I would’ve created the same music if I lived in a different city. Toronto just has a unique sort of vibe. It’s amazing to hear your friends are a huge inspiration for you, in what ways do you try to be an inspiration for other people? How do you want this latest release to affect other people? Is there a specific type of person that you think this song will connect with most? I want to inspire people to do things they are passionate about and be the best version of themselves. It’s easy to live in your comfort zone, but it feels so much more rewarding to take risks in life. I would definitely say that the anthem sort of vibe ‘You & I’ gives off puts me into a confident bad bitch mood. I hope that my listeners feel the same way and challenge themselves to be fearless.