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Get Ready to Be Fiercely Energetic with the Collective Soundings of The Coolers!

We might have come across this independent Los Angeles rock band The Coolers that are absolutely killing the music game. Considering they're still in their transforming stage in terms of the listening base, they're clearly displaying their limitless potential with what the band has released in 2019. One particular track that should gain the interest of many is "Where the Fish Live". Our reasoning? It's such a strikingly intense track that showcases both the crazy vocal dynamics, as well as the integration of forceful guitar riffs. "Where the Fish Live" is the track that will definitely have your blood rushing, heart-pounding, and mind racing. The Coolers' natural stage presence that completely fills any type of silence is amicable--they feed our growing curiosity on how they cultivated such a sounding.

Another notable 2019 track is "Face Turns Blue". The instrumentals for this track are completely contrasting from "Where the Fish Live". The Coolers use "Face Turns Blue" as a moment to highlight their laidback and rustic styling. With an apathetic approach to vocal execution, The Coolers grew "Face Turns Blue" to be a track that draws your attention in entirely. We also caught a few hints of sultry elements, which definitely stimulated our senses completely. The last track, the climax to the sounding of The Coolers, is "Birthday in Bed". If you thought "Where the Fish Live" was intense, you're in for another harsher ride with "Birthday in Bed". The song offers more raw attributes, which allowed for more of an unstructured and free production. You can already expect this track to be lively all throughout and maintaining a hardcore ambiance. The lesson learned here with The Coolers is to not underestimate an undiscovered band, that's for sure!

Get crazy with the music stylings of The Coolers here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Coolers! We have to say, once we went over your music history, we've been hooked ever since. What were some of your favorite soundings of The Coolers over 2019?

Thanks for having us back, and such an honor to be included on your “Best of 2019” Top 10!

We’ve been on, let’s say, a band growth journey since the release of our first EP, Troglodyte. Since its release, we’ve been offered some great opportunities, especially on the live show side of things. We’ve played all over LA from the Whisky a Go-Go, Viper Room to The Canyon Club and we’ve had some radio play. A lot of great stuff, and more to come. And in terms of band growth, our original bassist left the band to pursue other creative interests, which we totally support him on. That definitely lit a fire under our asses to find a new bassist. We didn’t want to lose the momentum of playing live, so we settled as a trio with Sadie taking over the bass for a few shows. It’s not easy finding the right person to join your band. But, we did it! We’re very lucky to have Sam Peterson (formerly of the New Jersey band Last Try) join us officially as our new bass player. He’s such a perfect fit for our group and sound. All around rad dude!

Residing in Los Angeles, CA, do you tend to find major inspiration from the ever-growing music scene?

The LA music scene is a beast of its own. We’re still finding our footing within the large LA music scene. There are so many genres and sub-genres of music these days, and a lot of venues cater specifically to whatever that music genre maybe or “scene”. We’ve crossed paths with other bands that we really dig, and have made some good friends within that circle. Which we guess can be inspiring when you’re still finding your footing. We’re happy to see a lot of brick-and-mortars cater to the live music industry too.

There are truly only a few newcomer rock bands nowadays that can perfect the cultivation of authentic rock sounds, and so it's refreshing to listen to your sound.

Thank you! That seriously means a lot to us. It was our initial goal when releasing Troglodyte to make a record that came as close as we could to sound like the records we grew up listening to. We’re lovers of music and all variations of rock. We are really inspired by rock bands, like MC5, Pink Floyd, The Breeders, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, and The Pixies, to name a few, that paved the way for rockers like us. We’re happy to hear we succeeded in bringing that authentic rock sound.

Did you come across any predominant artistic challenges in 2019? How does the band typically remedy through any creative blocks and/or clashes?

Like any other band, we definitely did have some artistic challenges in 2019, especially when we became a three-piece for a (thankfully) short stint. Honestly, having a band is like being in a marriage. You have to know when to pick your battles and when to compromise. We all have strong personalities. The more we play together and hang out as a band, we’ve become much closer as friends and creative collaborators. Creating music and sharing your songs with your peers is probably one of the most vulnerable positions to be in. Our end goal is always the betterment of the band, perfecting our sound and music, and just having fun. The Coolers remedy for artistic challenges – crack open a beer, pour some whiskey and let’s talk.

"Face Turns Blue" was undoubtedly one of our favorite tracks from the band. How did it feel to record a track that's contrasting from the intense energy your songs normally emulate?

It’s a different vibe for sure from the other harder-rocking tracks. “Face Turns Blue” was the last song we had recorded, really last minute. Leslie originally brought this song in, really written to be played acoustically, and Sergio and Sadie helped arrange it to be a little…louder. We went for that ballad-Motown sound. It was fun to play with the different dynamics of the track so that it makes the listener really dive in and hear all of our nuances. We recorded the EP reel-to-reel, so ideally, if this EP and this song specifically were printed on vinyl, it would sound sexy, for sure.

We appreciate the band taking the time to talk with us about 2019! Of course, we know that the quality sound is there, and so what is The Coolers plan for 2020 regarding the band's growth?

Hey, you’re welcome! And thanks for having us back. We love what BuzzMusic does for indie artists. We have big plans for 2020. We’re gearing up to record a full-length album. We have a lot of new songs. We’ve really developed and honed our sound this year, and are really excited to get back in the studio. We also hope to get on the road for a mini-tour of some kind. Plus, we have our eyes on playing larger venues and getting festival gigs. We’re excited for what’s to come and will definitely keep BuzzMusic posted on all fronts! Until then, for those reading this interview, go out to a show and support local music and your friend's band. Your life will be better for it.



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