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Get Ready to Be Thrown Into a Party With Tower of Power’s “Look in my Eyes"

Tower of Power is a New-York based group that creates a fusion of Soul, R&B, Rock, Pop, and Funk, all while having their classic horn-driven signature sound. Since forming in 1968, the group has played over 7,500 shows, gained over 444,000 monthly listeners, and has over 35 million streams worldwide.

Recently, Tower of Power blessed us all with their funky single Look in my Eyes" and we are hooked! Something about the overall vibe has us completely in awe but also has us dancing around. The musicality of the performers is second to none here, every element is so well executed and locked together it gives off such a funky experience that will make for an unforgettable night out. “Look in my Eyes” just screams a good time. It features a pop horn section with some charming saxophone and trumpet solo’s and chords, a perfectly twangy electric guitar with flavorful licks, jaw-dropping electric piano solo, a rock-solid drumbeat that holds the floor together, fun sing-along vocal adlibs full of energy, and a powerhouse of a vocal ensemble that is sure to send a whole dance floor into a craze.

Be sure to check out "Look in my Eyes" here.


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