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Get Ready To Download This New Hit Onto Your Playlists!

With heavy focus on lyrics, melody, and originality, promising young hip/hop artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia who goes by the name of Chewy Bohnz is only getting better from here! His single titled “Download” captured the charismatic and vibrant personality that Chewy has as an artist. His personality shined through the music video that was released alongside the track. In the video, Chewy shows numerous of elements ranging from witty (to obviously fit the catchy lyrics) to his in-depth look at creativity alongside his special style of connecting with the audience! With a beginner history, you don’t get the impression that Chewy is still fresh to the game. Instead, you get the impression that Chewy is the upcoming rise and unique promising star that’s going to create waves in the game. “Download” had a fun melody and hook that could undeniably become a hit through radio. It’s the most fitting mainstream commercial song that people can sing along to and also enjoy. Chewy Bohnz strategically curated the most fitting hit tune to advance him and his personal journey even further. If you’re longing for the fun in hip-hop then you should be checking out this promising rap star that indeed be a memorable name and face in the game.

Don't miss out on Chewy's new hit "Download" and catch it on Spotify here.

Be sure to check out the artists personalized interview below!


How has it been growing up in Virginia for you? Does your upbringing affect your music in any way?

To be completely honest it was boring as hell for a long time growing up, but the energy out here is really picking up, especially in Va Beach. Everybody in the local scene is really banding together and trying to make a push for the whole region. It's really dope. 

But my upbringing definitely has a lot to do with my music. My parents gave me a good set of morals, and I think I definitely show that through my songs. I generally have a pretty positive vibe.I also had plenty of time growing up to work on my music, and my family has always been super supportive of me.

Describe your song “Download” to us? What’s the meaning behind it?

"I'll be with ya when you hit the down(LO)ad" It's my promise to my family and friends that I'll always make sure they're okay, and I'll always be there. I maneuver through a lot of different topics on the verses, I really go wherever my mind takes me while i'm writing. But there's a lot of wordplay in there you might not catch unless you read the lyrics.

What inspired you to write “Download”?

Well the hook on "Download" is mostly inspired by my wife and son, and my anxieties about missing them when i'm out on the road trying to chase the dream. The whole song definitely has a loose theme of keeping it real, and holding it down for your people.

Do you have any musical influences? If so who and why?

I have a plethora of musical influences, I really believe an artists style is made up of their own unique blend of musical influences and life experiences. For me growing up I listened to a lot of classic rock and blues/soul with my parents, and a lot of rap and metal with my friends. For a long time my style was strictly old school 90's beats, and really vibey hiphop, but I slowly got into more popular music because popular music got better. If I had to narrow it down and name a few of my main influences I'd go with J Dilla/Slum Village, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, and Mac Miller(he really opened me up to a lot of the best old school hip hop artists). 

What’s next for you Chewy?

I don't even know, hopefully something huge, but we'll see where life takes me. I'm definitely putting the work in, writing/recording/doing shows/shooting videos constantly. Prepare for a whole lot of material coming from me. I'm building up momentum right now to drop my first project, and making as many good connections as I can in the industry along the way. Thank you all for helping me out along the way. Much love!


Catch the latest on Chewy through the artists social media:


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