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Get Ready To Drip This Summer Season With A Y.U.N.G Cash Hit!

Y.U.N.G Cash is a recording artist, producer, graphic artist, Entrepreneur, DJ, and promoter from Mississippi that currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Y.u.n.g Cash released his single titled “Drippin Season” and we’re ready to flex this summer with a song that projects the perfect cocky nature we need for this upcoming season! The lyrics were bold, charismatic, and in your face! Y.u.n.g Cash had wavy metaphors alongside a nice, well delivered flow to execute the song.

What I liked most about “Drippin Season” was how it embodied the cultural background of the artist. It gave a real authentic “down south” vibe to the song and some of the greatest hype music has been created from the South! People from the South knows how to party and get turnt with one another, hence why this song is so fitting for a club atmosphere. The bass was everything, the augmented vocals were hard-hitting and the energy was straight-forward! “Drippin Season” exudes good energy, good vibes, and a whole lot of fun! With heated days ahead, we’re going to need upbeat music to help unleash the inner icon in us while we listen and drippin season has that effect on its listeners! “Drippin Season“ is the song that will get all your approaching summer functions started!

Catch "Drippin Season" here, and look below for Y.U.N.G Cash's interview!


How has your upbringing impacted your style?

I grew up listening to blues music and my dad was a dj, I moved to Texas and that's where i first heard gangsta rap.. I took all of those elements and made my style.

Tell us about “Drippin Season” and the meaning behind it?

Drippin Season is a song for the people that enjoy being iced out! Drippin Season is a movement that you can be iced out any season.. Summer,Spring, Winter or Fall.

What inspired you to write “Drippin Season” ?

The beat was a big part of me making Drippin Season, as soon as i heard it, the hook just came out! I think a lot had to do with my love of iced out watches so that played a big part in it also!

How does the title of the song reflect its theme?

Its drippin season lol!

The hook explains it all..

I woke up drippin

I couldn't believe it

Ice all on me 

It's drippin season.

What’s next for you? Any exciting summer plans?

I am releasing an EP later this year along with a few singles!!

I am also launching my clothing line INDA (IndependentArtist). The website is up and running now!!!


Stay up to date with Y.U.N.G Cash through the artists socials:


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