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Get Ready To Expect The Unexpected With YwmgCap!

“Reminiscing you got me all in my feelings” “Baby I did you wrong, I admit it”, imagine listening to a hip-hop love ballad where you feel the vulnerability in the artists work? Well we can tell you that this is more than an imagination! Rapper YwmgCap elaborates what it means to be a songwriter when he creates his song titled “Affliction”. “Affliction” seemed like a record that had high mainstream appeal while also remaining sincere with authentic lyricism. YwmgCap shows you that it’s okay to show feeling as he breaks down the barriers and lets his heart spit for him as he delivers bars that touches base around the topic of apologetic and forgiveness. This song is a highly relatable duet to the amount of men in life who ends up losing a good girl or someone they’re in love with due to their pride. YwmgCap is actually confining against the norm of hip-hop culture and it makes him more of a stand-out and genuine artist in my opinion. Despite him showcasing sensitivity in his song, it doesn’t take away from his talent and the amount of potential I believe he has as an artist to continue delivering the most unpredictable moments in his personal rap career.

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Keep scrolling for the artists personalized interview!


“Affliction” seems to be a song that discusses heartbreak. Were you able to personally relate to the lyrics you talked about?

Yes everything I wrote was factual I was dating and in love with this particular female and I can’t even lie I wasn’t the best person to be in a relationship lying cheating you know regular dog stuff but when she was fed up with it and decided to leave I was hurt for real.

How were you able to channel in a sense of vulnerability while writing “Affliction” ?

You know when you initially go through a break up you never admit it was your fault so I would write songs out of anger and one day I started listening to R&B and the song Tank “Maybe I deserve” came on and I was like “yo I gotta be honest with this next song I make” and I got into my feelings and just let all the pain into my pen.

What’s the most special quality about this song in your opinion?

The fact that it’s what most of us as men think but are afraid to say like we let our pride dictate our actions and with this song I had to completely ignore my pride and just speak from the heart

If you could feature any artist on “Affliction” who would you select and why?

It would most definitely have to be Halsey her voice is amazing and unique I think we would cook up something special.

What can we expect to see from you through 2019?

In 2019 I want my audience to get more familiar with me as a person along with the music so I will be more active or social media and just be more active personally not just musically but best believe the music won’t stop my first mixtape “In My Writtens Vol 1” will be dropping later this year so stay tuned!


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