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Get Ready to Feel Alive With Yung Dub D in "Take My Advice"

February 20, 2020

By: Julia P

If you aren’t already familiar with rap artist Yung Dub D, just know you’re in for a good time with his latest single release “Take My Advice”. We must warn listeners that Yung Dub D is all about bringing an aggressive and lively sound with his choice of production and vocal execution. His track “Take My Advice” definitely brings it down a level compared to his other tracks, but not by much. You’re in for a reviving and rejuvenating listening experience with Yung Dub D, to say the least. As an emerging artist, we’re excited to see where Yung Dub D takes his style next. For now, let’s get more into what “Take My Advice” has to offer.

Yung Dub D can deliver that strong sense of courage and determination with his track "Take My Advice". He's bringing some serious wordplay into this track release, but always keeping the ambiance light and enjoyable. What you see is what you get with Yung Dub D, so you can expect a sense of realism with him and all he has to release. There's almost a comical sense that Yung Dub D tries to integrate within his sound, making the listening experience a little more dynamic and loose. The melody easily matches the rawness of Yung Dub D, and we feel completely revived with his creative style in "Take My Advice". Yung Dub D continues to show off his diverse and abrupt flair in "Take My Advice" and we're all for it.

Listen to "Take My Advice" here.


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