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Get Ready To Feel “Independent” And Vibe With The Realz M.A.D

The Realz M.A.D are a fresh R&B/ hip-hop group from Paris. They’re passionate about spreading a message of peace and love through their unique style. Comprised of three members, The Realz M.A.D fuse their talents to create a refreshing sound. Not only can these fashion influencers sing and song write, they pride themselves on their ability to dance create choreography for their music videos.   

“Independent” is a hot new track from The Realz M.A.D that has us instantly hooked! The hip-hop vibe and multi-talented vocals are addicting. I like the slight electronic arrangement within a deliberately R&B/ hip-hop song. The echoing bass and light chimes the music are really well put together. It’s evident that it was well produced but not overly produced. The whole feel of “Independent” is about being confident in yourself, it’s infectious and easy to spread a message like that. “Independent” put me in a positive mood and mind set and had me dacing in my chair, wishing i was dancing with them. The Realz M.A.D exude confidence and togetherness. “Why are we so fresh, damn?” is my favorite recurring lyric throughout the timeless R&B classic “Independent”. It’s invigorating to see a group that knows they have it all and aren’t afraid to brag about it. I definitely recommend adding this song to your playlist and bumping it anytime you need a pick me up! Stay on the lookout for The Realz M.A.D, I know I will be.

Listen to “Independent” here and get to know more about The Realz M.A.D

Can you start by introducing yourselves to the readers individually?

Well we are The Realz MAD a new music band from Paris we are songwriter singer and we love fashion world

How did you all meet and start creating music together?

First we are family so we know each other since the beginning and then we go to the same musical school in Paris and at the end of our studies we decide to create The Realz MAD

What’s the R&B/ Hip-hop scene like in Paris?

Well the RnB Hip Hop scène are really different it depends of the artist but in France the Rapper are really powerful people love French rap here .

We love the track “Independent”! What inspired you to write it?

Thank you very much what inspired us is our past experiences we had so much adventure and we would like to make a choice by standing us in an independent way from music industry there is some artist who don’t control what they do or don’t have < the juice > and we want to make sure that the world know that we are wide awake about what going on n we stand for our own univers without asking someone what we have to do cause we know what it take to be apart of the music industry.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Our dream collaboration would be a feature with the designer of the Fashion Week worldwide yes we love hight coutor .


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