Get Ready To Feel Passion With KVNE's Recent Track "Ballerina"

From Ontario, Canada, KVNE is making huge waves with his recent music. As an up and coming urban artist, KVNE makes a large impact in the R&B music scene with his curations, unique to the category itself. We feel our hearts pulsating along to the beat in KVNE's tracks, providing us that ominous and hype energy, while also relaxing our minds with her calmness and tranquil note in KVNE's tone. KVNE's vocal production is also an element to shine light on--KVNE releases music that is filled with his passion, and it shows in the way he executes his very being. We feel the dedication, and we're keeping our eye out for more of it in what's to come next of KVNE. 

"Ballerina" is the latest musical offering from KVNE, and it begins with a mysterious tone, slowly transitioning into the overall hypnotic ambiance the track possesses. KVNE's verses are beyond catchy--this is the type of track you can listen to repeatedly without getting bored. KVNE incorporates his bilingualism into the track, creating an exotic environment where the listener will feel hot and bothered. KVNE makes the listener feel elegant and hyped while listening to "Ballerina". We feel absolutely entranced by the energy he puts out into his tracks--it's calm and collected while also providing that feel-good mood. We're definitely picking up some heavy Tory Lanez and 6lack vibes in "Ballerina", blended into the hard-hitting personality of KVNE. A summer jam for sure, "Ballerina" impresses us with its versatility as a R&B track--you can definitely catch us playing the track on repeat today. 

Listen along to "Ballerina" with us here and check out the music video premiere below! Keep scrolling for our interview with KVNE.

Hey KVNE! How's it been? It's great to have you back! We're excited to feature "Ballerina" on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about the track and its production?

Hey guys! Happy to be back! & absolutely! ‘Ballerina’ came together a bit differently than most of my music to be honest, my producer Otto (@ottoleidin) pitched me the beat & I immediately thought this would be the perfect production for a summer smash. & After listening more & starting to write I knew I had to get some Spanish in the mix. 

What's the music scene like in Hamilton, Ontario?

There’s a great music scene out here! Growing up we had The Arkells, The reason & a bunch of other great Indie rock acts. I’ve also met a ton of amazing local hip hop/urban acts here. Jay Portal, Jerelle & Beware & Cozjin just to name a few. 

When curating "Ballerina", what type of environment were you reaching for when your listeners tuned into the track?

Releasing ‘Ballerina’ was kind of new territory for me aswell. Definitely wanted to break ground in South America, and am super grateful for the incredible response we’ve received from there on the single. I also knew I wanted a video for it & needed the perfect crew for it. Which I was blessed with when working with Teagan Walker & Jess the snapper (@teaganwalker & @jessthesnapper).

Going into the second quarter of this year I knew I wanted to make a point to start putting out content with more substance. ‘Ballerina’ is the first single off of an EP that you can expect sometime this fall, that is less the party/turn up style & and a lot more of a story teller side of life situations I’ve both found myself in, & gotten myself out of. 

Would you say that your music is a big reflection on your own personal experiences? 

Absolutely yes. My music has always been therapy for me. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2019 music-wise?

I’m really excited to release my first project this fall. Been working really hard going through over 50 + songs and continually writing more to shape the best sound I can for you guys! Also just finalizing the release tour dates which will probably be announced in August! Make sure you all stay posted to socials for updates!


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