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Get Ready To Feel The Energy With Marc Dub's Recent Release "Tattoos & Liquor

Marc Dub is a rap artist that definitely is not new to the music scene! Marc Dub releases tracks that give the listener vitality. We can't help but notice that Marc Dub has such an incredible flow and talent when it comes to both lyricism and vocalism. Verses surge through Marc Dub effortlessly, and release his influence and motivation throughout. As awarded Performer of The Year in the 2019 Atlanta Hip Hop Awards, you can already tell Marc Dub pulses with energy before you even listen to him. We love finding tracks that give off such a high-energy sensation, the type of songs you can listen to while working out, chilling with friends, or even being at the club. A diverse song that provides diverse feelings. We love it, we're playing it on repeat, and we're highly suggesting you check the track out for yourself below. 

Giving us an electrifying and pulsating feel right from the start of his new track "Tattoos & Liquor", it's clear that Marc Dub provides serious heat in his music. We're all about hip-hop/rap tracks that replenish us with energy and make us feel like we can't be defeated! Marc Dub shows a level of artistry is "Tattoos & Liquor"-he knows how to curate an energy that can't be easily concocted. The hype to the track doesn't fade out at any point throughout the track either, which is a sign to us that Marc Dub's performances must be INSANE, we can already feel the amount of intensity and power in his shows. What we appreciated most about the recent track release from Marc Dub is the anticipation it washed over us throughout the entirely of the track. "Tattoos & Liquor" make you feel alive, eccentric and full of motivation. We've already put this track on our Spotify playlist--time to add the same type of hype to yours to kick off summer in the right way!

Add "Tattoos & Liquor" to your playlist here. 


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