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Get Ready To Feel Your Heart Beating With Mechanical Roots New Music Video For "Day Dream"

Mechanical Roots, composed of Kev O'Brien, Zach Gaston, and Patricia Teles, is your modern day alternative rock band that's giving listeners some serious music to digest. Hard-hitting execution is an understatement for the musical offerings of Mechanical Roots. The band knows how to intertwine various musical elements, such as contemporary rock with post-alternative rock, and they do it with such ease. There is not a single element to their music that is out of place. Mechanical Roots put the "mechanical" aspect in their name quite well, as their seems it was executed with grace and finesse. Mechanical Roots latest single "Day Dream" is definitely what will make us keep an eye out for the band!

Mechanical Roots has a genuinely rustic tone and rhythm upheld all throughout "Day Dream". Being their most recent single release, Mechanical Roots showcases their heavy-hitting sound in "Day Dream", and break through some of those post-alternative rock barriers. The brand new music video for "Day Dream" is out now and we can't get enough. The visuals perfectly personify the message that Mechanical Roots is trying to capture. The love and chemistry is easily seen, as this perfect woman is scene in a breathtaking red dress. The rock-love ballad continues and we see blurred scenes of this woman, as if she's a "Day Dream". The aggressive guitar riffs really stand out throughout the track, and compliment well under the vocalism tied to the track. There's a formidable grungy element to "Day Dream", and it's evident that the execution was spot on. As listeners, we feel that the track offered so much dynamically. The vocalism embodied authentic rock, while the overall production offered a more contemporary take, making for a track that is undeniably badass. We're keeping ourselves peeled to any musical updates on Mechanical Roots, as this rock band goes above and beyond with the alternative elements they bring to our favorite modern rock sounds. 

Give a listen to "Day Dream" here, and keep reading for Mechanical Roots interview!

Check out the brand new music video below!

Hey Mechanical Roots! Welcome back to the BuzzMusic community! Please tell our readers what you've been up to last time you were featured?!

We are very excited to announce that we are working on our new album. We are currently writing and getting everything ready before we hit the studio. Not sure when the album release will be BUT stay tuned because we are hustling. 

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a group during the creating process of your music? How do you overcome those challenges?

The biggest challenge we face is dealing with the heat in our rehearsal room! When it comes to writing, we move pretty quickly. We all understand where we want the music to go. Sometime writers block gets the best of us but we have so many new things to work on, we just move forward to the next task. 

“Day Dream” had a potent lyrical presence to it. What was the major theme and motivation behind the single?

The hardest part about being an artist are the sacrifices you must make. That includes not making as much money as you might working other jobs, late nights/ early mornings and the biggest one is trying not to distance yourself from loved ones and friends. It can be extremely tough mentally to try and make any dream come true. As long as you have your “rock” who supports you and believes in you, it makes the journey that much easier. 

Tell us about how you feel when you're up on stage performing, and how the crowd's energy is during the performance?!

Performing is the greatest feeling ever. The only feeling that competes is when you look out at the crowd and see smiling faces and people jamming out to what you have created. Sometimes it’s hard to express your thoughts and feelings via words so music is the best way to get the word out! People definitely feel that when you are in a crowd at a MechanicalRoots show. 

What can we look forward to next from Mechanical Roots?

We are working hard on finishing the writing process on our new album. We also are looking forward to touring next year and playing more festivals. We are always on the move and won’t stop until global warming has ended us all! Come to a show and say hello. We are all about meeting new friends. 


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