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Get Ready to Get Wound Up with The Wind-Up's Debut Hit, "Who Cried Run"

Stamford, Connecticut is home to the Alternative Rock Trio, The Wind-Up. This impactful and progressive three-piece group made up of drummer Gio Gomez serving up some major rhythm, bassist and lead guitarist Patrick Foti dominating the groove, and guitarist and vocalist Nick Amico serenading us with an amplified edge.

Forged officially in the summer of 2020, The Wind-Up syndicate's elements of raucous and rhythmic modern blues, hook forward post-grunge, and singing pop-rock lead guitar. Developing a distinct sound, they have often been compared to holding components like some classic favorites such as Kaleo, The Black Keys, and Pearl Jam.

The Wind-Up's boisterous debut single "Who Cried Run," holds to the heavy essentials of the embodiment of Rock n Roll. Electrifying guitar licks surge through the speakers in this up-tempo anthem that has enough zest to season the fusion of genres they fortify. Fueling listeners with weighty energy dazzled in angst, The Wind-Up carries forth an unruly persona that has our heads spinning. Tapping into the expressions of running away from the darkness that haunts you, Nick Amico's passion powered vocal delivery has us yelling every word The Wind-Up has carefully scripted.

Diving into an abstract tale of Clay battling monsters, broken hearts, and fear, we can't help but want to know who Clay is on a more subjective level. Immersing us in mystery as we are kept on the hook to how his story ends, The Wind-Up has managed to illustrate eloquent depictions on the blank canvas that remains in our minds. For a debut single, The Wind-Up has embodied every element that constitutes a hit Rock ballad. As they take us through the liveliness and dynamism that they bring forth in their performance. This trio has made quite the impact by releasing their debut single "Who Cried Run."

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Who Cried Run.” As this being your bold grand entrance into the music industry, we would love to acknowledge the dynamic that all three of you have together! Could you please tell us about how The Wind-Up came to be?

Thank you! Appreciate the opportunity to be featured by BuzzMusic.The band originally started as an electrified solo project of our singer Nick Amico. As the band practiced, the music became colorized and characterized by each member’s unique style and identity and The Wind-Up was officially forged in the summer of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. We’ve each worked together on different projects throughout the last decade and were able to carry over that chemistry to this project.

What moment inspired the theme and storyline of “Who Cried Run?"

It’s a familiar story to a lot of people I’m sure. How a person can fall into a trap of thinking that they’re different. After your friends warn you to not be with a person and that their toxicity would lead to heartbreak. Your own bravado or ego overwhelming those voices only to be burned and ultimately asking why you didn’t listen to the people who told you to stay away. The song attempts to tell that story through Clay and Maralee ending in Clay’s demise.

Could you please take us into what the studio session was like when recording this debut record?

A lot of writing took place at the moment - lyrics, lead guitar parts, harmonies. Our producers Toni and Ryan of Meserole Sound did a fantastic job of leading us in the right direction and helping to shape the sound and bring out the best in us. With COVID, we were tasked also with keeping each other safe and navigating mask-wearing with recording which was challenging. Luckily the studio was excellent at keeping protocol in place and allowing us to focus on the music.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the music you release?

The next few songs you’ll hear from us are meant to get people up, moving, and excited to see live music again. Back when the lights were low, the amps up too loud, the crowd packed into the room with friends enjoying being together. We are lucky enough to have Gio Gomez bringing a rhythm that drives and shapes the song; giving us that jump out of your seat feeling. Patrick Foti does a great job of adding his elements of pop-rock character to several of the songs through backup vocals and soaring lead guitar. Nick’s vocals and rhythm guitar give structure and emotion that the band ultimately brings to life. We are so excited to bring these songs to you and to take you to a time where live music was a part of our lives.

What are your plans and goals as a band for next year?

We have two more single releases planned over the next few months and ultimately are looking to use that momentum to drive towards a full-length album, tour, and live performances at some of the stages that we’ve missed (and that we hope are missing us too). The next year will be full of challenges resulting from COVID that will evolve over the next few months. We hope that everyone will stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing when possible to help us all get back to a place where live music can be a part of our lives again.


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