Get Ready to Groove to “Bonita”, the Latest New Release From Hallmarc, The Prophet

Upcoming independent artist HallMarc, The Prophet has just released his single “Bonita”. “Bonita” was an upbeat song with an energetic delivery that entices the listener. The message of the song was captivating and catchy. HallMarc, The Prophet's lyricism in “Bonita” was detailed and painted various images in your mind as your listening. A cool element to this song was the seasoned production that had this Latin flare in correlation with the meaning of the single. HallMarc, The Prophet hypnotizes you with the delivery that reels you into the song. His great energy and the way he arranges the song with a soaring conviction adds emphasis to the exciting lyrics. HallMarc, The Prophet exudes a soundtrack that many women will fall absolutely in love with. He embraces and appreciates a demographic of women who will find a sense of relatedness in this single. He demonstrates cultural arrangements in the song production which adds extravagant dimensions to “Bonita”.

Listen to “Bonita” here.

Can you talk to us about your upbringing growing up in Long Island, New York? What was the biggest inspiration for you growing up, musically? Well, growing up in Long Island can be a bit disheartening as a young black kid, depending on where you live. All in all, however, I used my experiences to mold me into a more versatile being. Musically, my mother would play all types of music, ranging from Bob Marley to Odyssey and often time, I would vibe with what I felt. Let’s talk about your song “Bonita.” What is the meaning behind your new single? Bonita is a feel-good take on a young man's desire to be with and passion for Latina women. My preference for Latina girls strengthened during my time in Uniondale, where I met and engaged plenty of Salvadorian and Mexican girls, among others. How would you describe the instrumental arrangements used in “Bonita”? Was there a hook or rhythm that inspired you? Well, after listening to the first few times, I picked up on keys, horns, and bass. The beat just sounded like it wanted to have a Latin feel and so I ran with that notion. I was slightly inspired by the song Mamacita by Collie Buddz. His song has an island feel but much of the same subject matter is discussed in both songs. *Bonita is produced by Clark Make Hits.* Talk to us about Unworthy Entertainment! What’s the overall basis of this company and what are some of your future plans for it? Unworthy Entertainment is my very own humble approach to maneuvering the industry. I believe that since God has blessed us with the gifts we possess to create, we are therefore unworthy of them and should give credit to Him for anything we're capable of innovating. Some of our plans moving forward include finding another talent with a similar mindset and perspective to strengthen the label and make us a force to be reckoned with, all while placing our confidence in the ultimate Creator! What can we expect from you next HallMarc, The Prophet? Next, I am expecting to release another single, titled Throw Down, in another month or two. My debut mixtape will be on its way early next year as well. Stay tuned!