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Get Ready To Have Some Fun With M@nner’s New Hit Song “Way Back”

M@nner is a young man from the Southern Florida area. He’s been writing music ever since he learned how to spell, beginning with a guitar and a dream, then quickly self teaching himself bass, the Ukelele, Piano, and drums. Alongside, educating himself on the skills of production.

M@nner released his new single titled “Way Back” and this is something completely idiosyncratic from any other rap record you’ve heard recently. The intricate beat shows so much detail, and was in a way, highly colorful and vibrant. Something caught my attention from the immediate hearing, one of the great traits of “Way Back”. The beat wasn’t the only great part of “Way Back”. It was his insane flow. His breath control was so impressive. The tempo of his delivery was extremely rapid. The lyrical arrangement showcased elements of catchy songwriting and whimsical humor while still projecting an Usain bolt paced flow. The speed was so dope, highly skilled, and something not many other rappers is equipped with. The hook was in a way super addicting, and expressed a fun charisma to the artistry of M@nner. “Way Back” is a nice hit record we could have added to our playlists this summer. Great for all the fun parties, beach trips, and car-rides, M@nner is representing the current age of hip-hop smoothly.

Listen to "Way Back" here and get to know more about M@nner below!

Greetings M@nner! You grew up learning various of different instruments. Which for you was the easiest to learn? Which was the most difficult?

The most difficult instrument to learn was the ocarina because it’s so different from any of the other instruments I taught myself

Tell us about your single “Way Back”! What was the vision for this song?

It was meant to just be a fun song my brother (PMB) and I could do together as a birthday gift for him.

What was your personal favorite element of “Way Back” from an artist perspective?

My favorite part is the difference in lyrical styles between my brother (PMB) and I.

What was the most challenging aspect in creating this record and why?

The most challenging aspect would be writing a song with someone else as up unto that point every song I did with other artist I had written my parts and theirs as opposed to this one where we each wrote separately.

What can we expect from M@nner this summer?

I’m trying to push out as much work in the coming months and put out an album but at the very least you can expect a few new singles


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