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Get Ready to Head Into the Summer Weather With Juice-Z's, "Cheeks"

Hailing from Louisiana, Baton Rouge, currently based in Pomona, CA, the artistic realm of Juice-Z’s creative universe was fashioned through the backlash faced in their community and from her father due to her sexual orientation.

The California legend in the making didn’t allow that to stunt her progress and the success she would continue to face. Juice-Z has been one to take her trials and tribulations and turn them into relatable melodies that fans can comprehend in a personal manner.

Ramping up for the release of her buoyantly infectious hit, “Cheeks,” Juice-Z channels their nostalgic 2000’s Hip-hop inspiration as her chorus is influenced by the Ying Yang Twins’ well-known ‘The Whisper Song.’ If that doesn’t have you immediately hooked on the idea that Juice-Z is here to sprinkle a modern meets old school vibe on the music industry through hard-hitting energy and a persona that should not be overlooked, we know what will. You know how we were all robbed of a hot girl summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, Juice-Z is here to ensure that “Cheeks,” makes up for that in copious ways.

Juice-Z states, ‘As a woman loving woman, I am a fan of the female form; however, I believe all bodies are beautiful and ‘Cheeks’ is a track that everybody can dance to and enjoy.’

Always one to bring inclusivity to the party, aside from being a top-selling performing artist, Juice-Z has created the hottest new record label that welcomes emerging artists from the LGBTQI+ community where they could feel safe and express themselves freely with no judgment.

We’re here for all that, and more. Be sure to check out “Cheeks,” available on all streaming platforms on June 4th.

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