Get Ready to Lose Your Minds With Conor Scott’s Release, “Overthinking"

Belfast based singer/songwriter Conor Scott creates music that features his bold, powerful vocals. Since beginning his career he has appeared on The Voice UK and ended up on the semi-finals, released a 3 song EP that quickly led to sold-out shows in Belfast, London, and Derry, and has had the UK and European Tour with Ryan McMullan. Conor recently soothed our hearts with his Pop and Folk fusion of a tune “Overthinking” and we may just be overthinking how much we love this song.  In a way, we almost get Ed Sheeran vibes from this song but with a twist that makes it unique to Conor Scott, we would not be surprised if we started hearing this on the local stations. This release tells us about the feelings we all get when we start wondering if our thoughts are true or just overreacting. “Overthinking” is jam-packed full of polished elements that include a half electronic half acoustic massive drum kit, shiny acoustic and electric guitars, ambient synths, and of course Conor's exquisite voice that will be sure to capture your heart. We are thrilled about this release and can’t wait to hear what Conor Scott will be showing us next. You can fall in love with “Overthinking” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Conor Scott! We can’t get enough of “Overthinking”! What was the initial thought process like when you were creating this song? Do you have a personal connection with the lyrics? Thank you for having me, I really appreciate the support! The thought process I guess comes from being in a long-distance relationship for nearly over 3 years, while I lived in London. I wrote it with my friend and artist - Travi, The Native - who was going through a similar experience at the time. The song I guess reflects the frustrations of what that kind of scenario can look like at times, but this doesn’t make it a break up song! Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, there will always be clashes, fights, differences of opinion - whatever. I guess the song was written to be able to get those feelings out of my head, clear my mind and look at all the good things that are going on. Positive Melancholy. We’re loving the Folk Pop blend in this release, what was the inspiration between fusing the two styles? Do you have any idols that you look up to that also do this? I never know how to answer this kind of genre question haha. Whenever I'm asked I always end up saying its an Indie-Folk-Pop-Rock blend so I guess that you’re on point! I don’t think there was ever a proper intention going in the studio and saying “it has to sound like this!” - it just naturally came out the way it did, but it especially helps when I and my producer Daniel Morgan Ball have a similar love of the same music so it was easy to get it to where we wanted. I don’t think I have any “idols” who are doing exactly this. I think artists and bands like Half Moon Run, Maggie Rogers, and Dermot Kennedy are all killing it in this sense though. I always loved to draw from all the different styles of music I love, the folksiness of Glen Hansard & Ben Howard to the rock of Thin Lizzy & ACDC, the production of Bon Iver’s and Lorde’s records. Take a little of something from everything, make it your own, you know?  It’s quite impressive to sell out and have done a lot of shows already! What were some of your favorite moments when performing live? Do you have a favorite song to play? Being in a room with people and playing live is such a privilege and it's my favorite thing to do in music by far. I love writing, recording, and producing too, but its when you get the songs out in the world and sharing them with folks that I really love. I got to feel that properly on the last tour I did when I supported Ryan McMullan in the UK and Europe, and recently doing some home town shows in Belfast playing with a band. Currently, my favorite to play live is “Donegal” for the singalong that we get going at the end of the set. Love it!

It’s amazing to hear how you did on The Voice UK! What are some of the things you learned while being on the show? Do you know anything now that you wish you had known when you were 18?

It feels like a lifetime ago, really! It was an experience I’ll never forget or regret, but I’m glad that I did it when I was younger - knowing the realities of being on a television entertainment program now.  I definitely learned to not care about what anybody else thinks of you, belief and confidence in yourself is all that matters and what drives you forward. I am where I am today because of being on the show and I would never change that. That and never do jaeger-bombs with Tom Jones!