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Get Ready to Move With, “13” By Miliano

Meet, Miliano a young and aspirating artist who uses his music as a means of preaching self-confidence, consciousness and promoting hope to all listeners. Naive to Miami, Florida, Miliano's love for music started at the young age of eight. It was the soothing sounds of his grandmother, singing Uruguayan tango that inspired him. By the age of ten he had learned how to play the guitar and five years later transitioned his musical talents into producing sick beats. While recording music, Miliano draws his creativity from musicians like; Lauryn Hill, Future, Pharrell and Santana.

Released November 15, 2019, “13”, draws on Latin-American culture with hip-swaying vibes. Miliano incorporates rap, pop, and reggaeton beats into one spicy and captivating piece. The tones are upbeat and warm, instantly transporting the listener to a warmer place. “13”, is has sexy Latin beats with English lyrics. His song talks about him trying to win over the right girl- “a smile from up from above”, the type of girl that makes him feel things he’s never felt, one where he’s “in it to win it”. We're loving the self-expression in this song, Listen to "13" here.



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