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Get Ready to Pump Your Arms in Wholebird’s "The Real Jeffrey"

Wholebird is a Boston based Hip-Hop artist. Since becoming a rising star on social media, Wholebird has founded ODE Nation, a self-made record label whose music is known for its creativity and originality. Wholebird follows along with this by creating a quirky crossover between synth-pop and hip-hop. It's clear while listening to Wholebird's music that it is created from experience and personal stories. "Jeffrey Intro" goes 0-100% as soon as the first beat hits, its got that anthemic feeling with a bit of a bounce that gets us to start riding our arms in the air. This tune is all about having a good time and chilling out, the repeating phrase "Roll up the windows and let's smoke up that Jeffrey" quickly gets stuck in your head, it will be quite hard to get this one out. Wholebird keeps this motif interesting by always spicing it up with creative effects, adlibs, and vocal doubles that pop out of your speakers. The classic dub feeling from the reggae-like synths in "Jeffrey Intro" makes for a modern touch on the perfect groove. We can't get enough of this vibe that Wholebird created; it has that modern touch, and ever so catchy hook, a classic style in its roots, and a perfectly moody but flowing performance from Wholebird that shows us what he is capable of. We can't wait to hear what is next to come from Wholebird. You can find “Jeffrey Intro” here.


Hey there Wholebird! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your newest release “Jeffrey Intro” is minimalistic but very memorable, was this something you had in mind when you began writing? What had inspired you to create the song? This track is the intro to my upcoming album titled "The Real Jeffrey". Initially, I was inspired by The great Bob Marley when I was composing it that's why it has a reggae vibe to it. It is very awesome to hear that you created your own record label, what inspired you to create it? What types of goals do you hope for the label to achieve in the music being published? Do you think you will try to create a new trend than what’s mainstream? Studying the uprising of Hip-hop moguls like Master P and Jay-z, I learned that It's possible to break through the hip-hop mainstream by creating your own Record Label. My goal is to strike a distribution deal with a major record label while maintaining the rights to my music and also being able to promote/sign other upcoming artists under my label in the near future. I believe my sound is unique and I have already created a hip-hop/afrobeat trend with songs like Let's Dance and Hustlin Hard. We are amazed at how you can get your song to be heard too as many people possible, what are some ways that you try to spread the word about your music?  With promotion support from DJs and Blogs like Buzzmusic, my music is able to reach new fans. I also promote my music on my social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and have created a website for my record where I promote myself and other upcoming artists. What is next for you in 2020?

I'm looking forward to releasing a lot of new music and focusing on reaching out and engaging with my fans especially during these quarantine times. I also have an upcoming movie I produced called "Wake Up" which will be out later this year. I'm also open to collaborating with other artists and currently inquiring female vocalists.


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