Get Ready to Rock out With Church on Sunday’s Cover of “Ballroom Blitz"

The Toronto based Punk Rock band Church On Sunday encompasses a sound that surpasses all expectations. Since forming in 2016, Church On Sunday has shared the stage with bands like Cancer Bats and Single Mothers & Heart Attack Kids, delivered high energy shows that can cause a mosh-pit anywhere their music is being heard and can create music that anyone can enjoy.

Recently, due to not being able to play their fan-favorite cover of “Ballroom Blitz” live, Church On Sunday set out to deliver what their fans deserve and released the tune so that you can rock out to it anywhere with anyone. This high octane release is full-on all about the energy, opening with a ready up from each member before exploding into a ball of energy that will quickly send you to begin moshing in your kitchen. This release features the classic raw sounds of Church On Sunday like the classic snappy drums, the edgy guitars, and those classic characterful vocals that make the whole family want to sing along. Church on Sunday did the fans a service with this release and it does not disappoint for a single moment.

You can listen to Church On Sunday’s cover of “Ballroom Blitz” here.

What are some of the ways you tried to create the same energy you do live?

For us, it’s all about getting into the right mindset. When you’re on stage in front of a crowd, there’s this constant stream of energy in the room. But when it’s just 3 guys in a studio it can be hard. As individuals we all have a lot of unique energy to us- to say the least haha. We end up goofing off, jamming, or doing random activities that bring up everyone’s energy levels before we actually “get to it.” Only once we’re all excited and warmed up will we start laying anything down. This to us means more than employing any crazy techniques. If it feels right, it is right.

This release is full of high octane energy that the band is full of, what was the recording process like? Were there any strategies used to try and have the song feel as energetic as possible? Did you face any challenges during the recording?

Our music, to an extent, is very raw and pure. As stated in the previous question, our dynamic and energy level as a group are the most aspects to us important to get this right. To further on that, we have found it’s best for us when we all track “live off the floor” together. Our band rehearsals sound the way we want our music to sound, so why not try to recreate that as much as possible? The 3 of us get in a room and track all the instruments at once. We try some different ideas and get a few takes. From there we will pick out our favorite drum take, then go onto doubling and overdubs- employing age-old rock n roll techniques to get that “big” sound. Once all the instruments are finished, we do a rough mix then head to vocals. Vocals for this track were the biggest challenge as the vocals on this song have many dynamics. It was all about feeling again and getting into the mood. Then getting that perfect take. We didn’t go part by part. We did solid vocals takes from start to finish to build up that energy. Then some doubling and harmonies. Once that’s done we get to final mixing, a few revisions, and boom a final product we’re all happy with!

With your music being all about giving the fans the best experience possible and rocking out, did the band ever feel like branching out and pushing the boundaries of their style and trying new things with the music?

Yes!! This is a big thing for us, we especially do not like to limit to genre! We identify as a “Punk Rock Band” but take influences from all around and will never look at an idea and say “but it is punk sounding?” We will experiment and try anything that comes to mind. There’s no bad ideas. There are even times when we’re creating things where we may try something then look at each other and be like “well that sounded like sh*t.” But this is the only way we can grow as artists.

We recently recorded a 5 song EP that we spent 6+ months demoing and creating that pushes all of our boundaries- not just as a band, but as individual artists. We’re extremely happy with the way the songs have turned out and are beyond excited to share them. Unfortunately, we’re currently going to postpone the release of them as we had a big tour planned to go with the songs and due to the current state of everything with Covd-19, we’re not able to tour.

With now not being able to play any live shows, what are some of the ways the band has been trying to keep connecting with fans and creating moshpits in the kitchen? Do you have anything that you are aiming to achieve within the next few months?

Up until this Ballroom Blitz release, we have been pretty quiet. We’ve just been working away on things, such as it. We have still been trying to keep close with our followers by constantly sharing things such as other Toronto band's new releases to check out! We’re wanting everyone to stay positive in these trying times and remember that music is a powerful force that can keep us all united… And that’s exactly what our goal is over the coming months, continue to spread that love and sense of community through music while hopefully growing our fan-base and attracting new people along the way. We have a bunch of new content in the works and can’t wait to share it especially after the amazing reception we have already received from Ballroom Blitz.