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Get Ready to Rock Out With Ohio’s Ghost Train

This American rock band from Ohio is ready to share their music with the world and push their way to the top. Ghost Train has been writing and performing since 2017 when the band was originally formed and has released two EPs since then. Ryan T. Griffis and Eric Moss bring their creative energies together to make music about their lives and share their music with fans across Ohio.

Jailhouse Woman” by Ghost Train is their most recent release, a gritty and classic Rock track embellished with passion. Staying true to their rock background, the guitar is very prominent in “Jailhouse Woman”, and it features a number of intense and powerful guitar solos. The vocals add a dynamic spunk to the track, with lots of vocal layering and unique melodies. This new single from Ghost Train is a perfect track to get a crowd riled up during a live show. They sing of a woman walking out on a relationship, and then follow the story through with the line “You’ll always be my girl”. The passion and hard emotions are present through the whole track, leaving you feeling fierce and strong-willed. Be sure to keep an eye out for Ghost Train’s next EP entitled 'Life Behind Bars'.

Check out “Jailhouse Woman” by Ghost Train, here.



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