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Get Ready to Rumble With Alt/Rock Band Hunter-Gatherer's "Run My Mind"

Are you in need of a grungy rock experience? Hunter-Gatherer is the exact alternative/rock band for you, and more specifically their recent track "Run My Mind"! The North Yorkshire band ensures the precise blend of 90's rock with contemporary Hip/Hop soundings we hear today. Brace yourself for the fierce soundings of Hunter-Gatherer with their new and explosive track!

Hunter-Gatherer's track features heavy alt/rock soundings, primarily receiving the main intensifying energy from the guitar side. Hunter-Gatherer exclaims their truth within "Run My Mind", and the song will easily captivate all of your senses. "Run My Mind" is pretty intense and rejuvenating, to say the least! The natural energetic sensation that the band can manifest for the track is absolutely enrapturing. With heavy guitar riffs and a dominant drum, the vigorous vocalism is ultimately complemented! There definitely wasn't any compromisation on the production end of "Run My Mind". The track continuously emulates that electrified sensation and captures exactly what we want in a modern-day rock track. Looking at "Run My Mind", we know that we found a quality alt/rock track that will get our hearts beating, and our ears peeled for more! We're hoping that Hunter-Gatherer comes out with more of their exclusive sound, but for now, we're perfectly content with having "Run My Mind" on repeat! The guitar solo at the end is enough to keep our ears peeled for more from the alt/rock band!

Listen to "Run My Mind" here.



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