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Get Ready to Sing Along with Gwapo Mystizo and Giiifted in Their New Song “Video Games”

"Video Games" is a new single by Gwapo Mystizo and Giiifted, a catchy and fierce rap track with R&B influences tied throughout. Gwapo Mystizo uses his talents for songwriting and rapping to create meaningful songs that people can rock out to. Giiifted is a rapper and producer who wants to make people think with his music, and the two have collaborated in creating "Video Games," a perfect blend of the two artists. The heavy bass and a bold backing track provide a good beat to the song and will keep you grooving along.

"Video Games" contains a message to the world about how we go through life. They are asking people to be more real because life is going to pass you by, and too many people move day-to-day hiding who they are. The title of the song refers to the idea of people "living their life like a video game," separated from reality. "Video Games" is very passionate both sonically and lyrically, and these two artists beautifully brought their ideas together for a poetic but lively rap song. If you are in need of a burst of motivation or something to pump up your energy, this is a song for you.

Thank you both for sitting down with us at BuzzMusic to discuss your collab on "Video Games." Can you elaborate on your concept of “Video Games”? What were you hoping would be the message your listeners take from this track?

Giiifted: The message is to make people realize they make constructs in their mind to seem more interesting in order to be more accepted in society but these are just video games, illusions that are not "real". Authenticity is always best.

Gwapo: To add to what Giiifted mentioned, through witty video game wordplay and references almost every line, we highlight how artists can also get trapped in their own "video game". Some sell their video game so well, people fall for the illusion. How is working on collaborations amid the ongoing pandemic? Is it more difficult to work together and share creative ideas?

Giiifted: We made it work since we live in the same city. We recorded this pre-pandemic but regardless the internet works wonders to collaborate and we have a group chat going with fellow rapper friends. 

Gwapo: What Giiifted said. What aspects of the song are inspired by your typical music? How did you blend your music so effortlessly alongside Giiifted?

Giiifted: Music has always been a collaborative effort since the start of times. Our mutual friend Profound Artist made the beat and reached out to both of us because he found it mesh both of me and Gwapo's sound. From there we made the hook together, tweaked it, and then recorded our verses later. 

Gwapo: What Giiifted said. Do you have any other musical projects coming up you’d like to share? What does the rest of 2020 like for you?

Giiifted: I have an EP coming out on August 25th called 3Moods. I hope it provides perspective to the people during this pandemic and these times. 

Gwapo: I have some projects coming up but no official release dates yet. Keep an ear out! What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Giiifted: This year's worldwide pandemic creates a void that musicians can fill because people's lives aren't as busy as before. People have their ears open more than ever before. I'm inspired to keep making music to fill that void.

Gwapo: Giiifted definitely has the right idea. I agree. As for myself, what has been keeping me inspired this year is this...Aside from the pandemic, I've been going through a lot of ups and downs lately and I feel like I have so much to say... so yeah, keep an ear out!



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