Get Ready To Vividly Paint Images In Your Head With “The Art We Make”

Jay Miners is a singer, songwriter and composer with indie/folk/pop sounds. Born and raised in New York, she grew up playing classical piano and has written wide range of songs, including pop melodies and lyrics, instrumentals, and jazz pieces. Jay Miners released her EP titled The Art We Make, the beautiful chord progressions and atmospheric placements is the perfect ingredient for the extravagant EP.

The first song released on The EP is titled “The Art We Make” , and I hypothesize that this is the opening and leading song of the project, defining what this album will consist of! Or giving a sneak peek rather. What stunned me the most about “The Art We Make” is her otherworldly vocal resonance. A sound so riveting it delivers chills up my spines. The augmented vocals goes up and down in dynamics, showing off her soft and more subtle side to singing. While sticking to her classical piano roots and adding a trendy twist to the song, “The Art We Make” serves as the perfect introduction to an overwhelming sensation of gorgeous sounds.

The next track on this EP, “Favorite Dress” really brings her delicate vocal style to light the most. The folk sounding single projects warmth and comfortability to us while we are faced with the ability to feel relaxed listening to her ear-piercing voice. The incorporation of the violin and other orchestral instruments while still fusing along that folk home sound really characterize the record. Next to play, “With Our Hands” was one of my personal favorites due to the addicting tune. Her solid and hollow voice carries the tune from beginning to end and gives moments of vulnerability yet embracing the power she is equipped with. A beautiful tune that has an underlying message available for us to decode.

Next, “Strawberry Mountain” was another personal favorite of ours because it had a slight difference than the other songs. It does stick to her artistry however this one felt the most atmospheric and allowed me to mentally escape within the music completely captivated by Jay Miners. It was a little more detailed and intricate compared to the other releases and we would definitely release a visual to this!