Get Sucked Into the Fleshy Portions of Kontent's Introspective Modern Hip-hop Single, "2015"

The Rapper and Producer performing under the cognomen, Kontent, delivers an oozing vocal performance that simmers over bipartite insightful viewpoints on his New-age Hip-hop single "2015." 

In his half-warbling, half inebriated melancholy induced Emcee-like versifications, the South Tyrol-native invites us on a journey coruscating out of the biggest ups and downs of a dilettante relationship.

It musters up the infatuating feelings of remembering your own awkward first kisses, or the first time someone said the hearth-shattering words "I Love You," directly at you.

Alongside a placidly oscillating synth and a heavy-boned industrial percussion rhythm, Kontact buzzes over similarly fleshy moments in his verses, where he delivers with heartfelt and honest narration, making the divulgences feel all-too-relatable, while still managing to render up the most vivid take on modern-day Hip-hop to date at the same time. 

When the chorus develops, we realize the feature's pairing viewpoints reflect off the blue and black insides of this Italian-bred Rapper's mind, and the thought process behind his mental dissections. Here, Kontent's vocals waver over the hook and introduce a new poignant magnetizing energy within the moody atmospheres festering from above, allowing for his relatable mechanistic transparency to shine through.

"There's something about feeling proud, not having regret," he croons in the mantra-like hook, "It will get loud, but somehow, you're smiling right at me, calling it happiness." His Gospel-hued cherubic upswells bring about an uplifting spirit and festoons the overall heart-stricken journey with prismatic textures, allowing for the final outro viewpoint to diffuse from out of Kontent's mind and into our own, for a moment of sober reflection; infusing his audience with a new particular gratitude for the campaigns of incipient-love.

What were some of the emotions you found yourself channeling into for the purpose of capturing the heart-drenching performance featured on "2015"? 

I tried to put myself back in that emotional mindstate of being in love. Of being completely vulnerable and not being scared of saying “I love you” first without knowing what the reply will be. It was of course not easy because I knew the outcome of that relationship and that it ended but I knew it was important to go back in time and capture these moments. The emotions I was channeling were love, vulnerability, and gratitude. 

Where did you draw your musical inspirations from for "2015"? And why did you feel like now was the best time to release a story about your first experiences with love? 

The verses were heavily influenced by my alternative hip hop inspirations, such as Tyler, the Creator, where soft chords meet heavy drums. The chorus, on the other hand, was able to craft through my experiences in the pop genre, where everything opens up and the listener can sing along. I feel like during these crazy times it’s important for people to reminisce and feel grateful about the life they lived so far in order to get through the tough times we're facing. That’s why I wanted to take listeners back to their first love experiences.

Do you feel like South Tyrol has had a profound impact on your aesthetic and sound as a Hip-hop artist? And if so, why?

At first, I thought it did not, since there is probably not many alternative hip hop artist in that whole region. But now I’ve come more and more to realize that subconsciously it did have an effect, in the sense that people from the mountains do create music that has depth to it. Meaningless or plain turn-up music is not really appreciated and subconsciously that definitely had an effect on me as an artist. Most of my music friends from back home were mostly singers, who would write beautiful folk/singer-songwriter songs (inspired by the likes of Kings of Leon or Mumford & Sons), therefore music from home always had to have a certain amount of depth to it and people would generally applaud beautiful sounding music. 

The same can now be seen in my songs. Even though I’m not a folk artist or singer-songwriter, my songs should still have some kind of substance (content) to them. That is why my artist name is Kontent. 

If you could give your audience a few words that would act as the Epilogue to 2015's playback, what would you say and why? 

Be grateful for every moment of love you’ll experience, even if it’s meant to end. All these moments are valuable and in retrospect will make for great memories. “All moments are appreciated in retrospect"

As we all know, this year has been tough for everyone. What has been your biggest source of inspiration when looking to create new music?

My biggest source of inspiration has been to leave my room and reconnect with nature (in a safe manner of course, without meeting other people). Whether it was looking at the ocean or sitting in the park, it was crucial to get out of my room and just breathe the outside air.