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Get Suited Up with the Wisdom Rice Has to Offer in "Big Dreams"

Singer/songwriter Jerard, professionally known as Rice, is all about reflecting his passion and raw wisdom within the essence of his songs. Having a knack for connecting with others through purposeful sound, Rice spends a large majority of his time crafting his music to perfection to obtain such quality within his music. Using his artistry to propel his motivations further, Rice is not afraid to create a platform to speak on matters that have significant value in society today.

Rice has recently released a single titled "Big Dreams." Smoothly executed trumpet melodies fill the air upon listening, and then almost immediately, Rice's intensified verse outflow presents itself, establishing his innate flavor. The tempo of "Big Dreams" pretty much remains consistently mellow so that Rice's lyricism can be highlighted appropriately. The focus is undoubtedly on Rice's words and the experiential wisdom he has available for his listeners. There is no dull moment within "Big Dreams" despite the consistent productional styling, and Rice ensures that the energy levels remain elevated so that listeners are persistently stimulated throughout the entirety of "Big Dreams."

If there's anything we've taken away from "Big Dreams" regarding the artistry of Rice, it's that he effortlessly flows with any direction pursued, which only further builds our anticipation for his future music.

Hello Rice and welcome to BuzzMusic. What initially inspired the creation of "Big Dreams", as well as the purpose of the track?

I wanted to make a song, that had a message but a hook that people would sing along with. This for anyone who has been told that they could not do something that they really wanted to do. Today we are truly witnessing what hard work will let you achieve. We are witnessing People from all walks of life, who did not let obstacle dictate their success or limitations. The purpose of this song is to inspire people to chase their “Dreams”. So often we allow obstacles and other’s limitations keep us from reaching our full potential.

Were there any components of "Big Dreams" that you were hoping was most definitely interpreted by your audience?

“If You Got a Dream then you gotta take a risk” A part of taking a risk, is the possibility of success but if you don’t set goals and try, then you’ll continue to fall victim to your own fears. “Ignorance is a wise woke man’s wish” Although you know with taking a risk comes with great rewards we also realize that the downfall could jeopardize things that we have already worked hard to achieve, and there can even be fear of success because with success comes more expectations and responsibility. ”Ignorantly chasing what you want is our biggest reward.” I am really hoping that this song brings perseverance, and hope to people who face obstacles they may feel so insurmountable that they cannot conquer. Today we can look at the election as a great example of people who did not let other limitations or perceptions of them prevent them from reaching their dreams.

How would you describe the intent of "Big Dreams" and all that you were hoping would surface from releasing such a single?

Big Dreams is about having the courage to pursue your dreams no matter what others may think. 2020 we have truly witnessed people who have had the courage to pursue their dreams, without allowing the obstacle to stop them from reaching their goals. I hope that this song touches someone who really needs to hear the message “Don’t Give up on Your Dreams.”

Your EP is set to release next year! How is the progression of that coming along, and what can listeners get themselves ready for?

I first must start with my mission “Quality over Quantity” and my new music does not compare to my old music because I have grown as a writer, producer and artist, and overall person. The tone, vocabulary, and punch lines are more on point. My new music reflects more of my story so people will really get to Know the different vibes of Rice the artist, and the person. My EP “Riding with Blindfolds” which was originally due to release this year will be released next year and it's worth the wait. My project is coming along, and I just need to be patient with myself, to make sure I am giving people the best product. I have been working on this project for a year, and it is moving along. I want to give my listeners music with the craziest transitions from me as I am working hard to give that EP that people cannot stop listening because the songs are that Lit. I would love to have it completed by October 30, 2021, and that would be a birthday present to myself and my fans. I am looking forward to releasing my new music because I have beats from different producers from Massachusetts all the way to the UK. While my listeners are waiting for my Riding With Blindfold EP, M-Ezy and I have 2 singles due to release in the Spring of 21 “Still My Wave” M-Ezy ft Rice and Lorenzo and Pandemic Love M-Ezy ft Rice and Benny Candela of Stolen Chronicles. Look out for this new music coming soon.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

This has been the longest yet the shortest year of my life because it feels like it's flying by but yet the longest year. After all, pandemic forced us to stay at home, studios were closed and we were forced to think of ways to entertain ourselves.” II was met with some personal challenges which honestly threw me for a little bit, and you will hear the emotion in my new music. Writing is usually my out. Now that I have overcome some personal challenges, I am back working on my music and really looking forward to releasing some even better music.


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