Get Swept Away by RIZZY Vercetti's Nostalgic Pop-Punk Single, “W I L L O W”

Ryan Anthony Reed, a.k.a. RIZZY Vercetti has made a name for himself in the creative world for his versatility and innovation. This American actor, musician, and producer stand out among the rest, carefully crafting a unique blend of alternative rap and pop-punk throughout his tracks.

RIZZY Vercetti began creating music in high school, initially inspired by artists such as Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, and Kid Cudi. Adapting and navigating many hardships throughout his life, RIZZY has persevered and come out stronger, perfectly demonstrated on his latest album 'RIZZOW (Deluxe).' As noted by RIZZY Vercetti himself, this album is heavily inspired by the artist WILLOW, with multiple references to her and her music throughout the project.

Now, let’s dive into RIZZY Vercetti's nostalgic love song, “W I L L O W." This track opens with twinkly guitars and a prominent bass line, followed closely by his hard-hitting pop-punk vocals that effortlessly punch through the track. A driving beat accompanies him, helping to propel the energy of the song forward. You can’t help but want to get up and dance around to this track while singing along.

Despite the high energy of the track, RIZZY Vercetti is extremely vulnerable in his lyrics, yearning for the protagonist in the song while exclaiming to them why their love is so strong. We applaud his ability to deliver such an upbeat, well-crafted track while also maintaining such vulnerability within his lyrics. RIZZY Vercetti has crafted a beautifully smooth blend of nostalgic and timeless rock and pop-punk with his single “W I L L O W,” and we are living for it.

We can’t wait to hear what RIZZY Vercetti brings to the table in the future. Go and check out “W I L L O W," off RIZZY Vercetti's latest album, 'RIZZOW (Deluxe)' today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RIZZY Vercetti, and congratulations on your new single “W I L L O W, ” as well as your album, 'RIZZOW (Deluxe).' How are you hoping that this track connects with audiences? Did you have an idea in mind when writing it of what you hoped they would take away from the song?

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. I hope audiences can connect with my shear emotion, to be honest. "W I L L O W" is a love letter. It took me less than three minutes to write. I just wanted to take listeners on a ride. Along with my heartache, on my lonely road to oblivion. While writing "W I L L O W", I wanted listeners to feel a sense of self-love, inspiration, hope, and confidence. "Fly with me," as I say to the audience before I'd perform "W I L L O W." This is my absolute favorite song I've ever made. It really brings the emotion out of me and I hope it does the same for listeners.

You’ve mentioned that you are heavily inspired by the artist WILLOW. Can you shed a bit more light on your inspiration behind the track “W I L L O W," and how this artist helped to inspire the song and your music in general?

Yes, WILLOW is the whole reason I'm doing any of this. Her music inspired me and helped me so much with getting through life. I went to one of her shows last year and got the chance to meet her. One thing lead to another and I felt like I just had to make my own rock album, dedicated to her, completely. The only rule is that whatever I create consists only of love and positivity. My new album RIZZOW (Deluxe) is a love story, about the events that took place after I met WILLOW.

The production behind the track fills us with nostalgia and longing. Did you have a specific idea in mind when recording/creating “W I L L O W” of how you wanted the production to pair with your vocals and lyrics?

I want listeners to get lost in the music and forget about me. I'm just your guardian angel in your subconscious, suggesting where you should go from here. I wanted all the instruments to pop. The heartbeat-like pouncing of the kicks. The electric guitar crying as my vocals imitate the sensational riffs. The drums fade out at the end. Totally "Lipstick" by WILLOW inspired. In the 2nd verse, I adore the echoes and reverb placement. The echoes start before the vocals, giving an emotionally chaotic, yet heartfelt listening experience.

Did you face any challenges along the way while writing and recording this song or the album as a whole?

Well, whilst writing "W I L L O W" I could only bring myself to write 16 bars for the song in its entirety. With added freestyle, my lyrics were so heart-wrenching, and straight from my soul. I got so emotional, sad, I had to stop writing. Earlier, I stated, "W I L L O W" is a love letter, hence me singing "L-O-V-E, R-I-Z-Z-Y" towards the end. The hook is the "P.S" of the letter, "I love you 'til I die. Thank you for teaching me to fly. The butterfly effect." I had an absolute blast recording RIZZOW. I will never forget this experience. The passion, the dedication, the fun, the pain. I was very emotional creating this song and album. That was the biggest challenge for me. The music and vocals may sound very upbeat and vibe, but the lyrics are vivid, mystique memoirs of a lost boy, in love with his dream woman, who seems just out of his reach. But feels like he should reach out more.

What's next for you?

RIZZOW will go down in history forever. I will be releasing music videos for the new album over the course of 2022. The "W I L L O W" music video is coming soon. I will be diving deeper into the rock genre. My current musical influences are Deftones, System of a Down, Jaden, and of course WILLOW. I am currently working on my next album. I'm doing live shows this upcoming Spring. I am collaborating with other artists/bands. I just launched my own brand named "ASTRLVisionRLM". A Revolution dedicated to love, change & positivity.

2022 for lul RIZZY is going to be a year of innovation, versatility, expression, and shifting gears to the next level. And of course, love. Hopefully.