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Get Taken into David Houle's "Vortex"

Singer-songwriter David Houle has an extensive background in the entertainment industry. His catalog of excellence continues to flourish with feats, including performing at the 25th-anniversary Vans Warped Tour, working alongside Cindy Lauper, and traveling to Peru to perform with Slipknot.

The rural Loretteville, Quebec, Canada, native's latest single "Vortex" is a soft rock ballad celebrating overcoming one's darkest demons. The powerful composition runs rampant in our minds with purpose, ready to showcase these intimate expressions with the world.

Pouring an influx of meaningful tenors into our speakers, the rock n roll essence takes a modern approach to the fusion of upbeat antics that infiltrate the soundwaves. Fixated on the brilliant delivery of David Houle, his elusive vocal performance caresses your being with the ultimate expression of comfort and security. What we gravitate towards the most has to be the colossal drum patterns that implode with heart and drive as the rhythmic grooves operate on a rather melancholy playing field. As the record progresses and the anticipation fills, the perfect concoction of energy is portrayed by each note shed.

Keeping us engaged with the dreamy lyrical motifs that we greatly admire, the entirety of "Vortex" spirals us into a complete puddle of emotions from start to finish. With David Houle at the helm of this creation, there's plenty that surfaces in the therapeutic session addressed. Ready for what's next to come from his burgeoning expressions, we're in it for the long haul with David Houle.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, David Houle! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Vortex." Offering up such a vulnerable ballad that hits our emotions heavily, what is the deeper meaning associated with this particular song?

I'm excited to share my single "Vortex" with you. The deeper meaning of this song is the unfolding of someone's painful journey with addiction. Feeling helpless, trapped, and controlled. After touring with Marylin Manson in 2019, I started writing material. I had lost some close friends to substance abuse. I also spiraled out of control at some point before finding my way back. ''Vortex'' is a reminder of that chapter in my life. Long gone, thankful for that now.

As we take in the visual piece for this project, we pick up on abstract scenes that have us eagerly exploring your mind. Was this always the vision when bringing the music video to life?

My goal was to be abstract in telling the story. The jail cell, the mask, the dancer all have a purpose. My vision was to play with the elements of freedom and helplessness. ''Trouble in paradise''. I have been a professional dancer/acrobat for over a decade (credits include Cirque Du Soleil, Kinky Boots, and Canadian Opera Company) and wanted to use contemporary dance to captivate the viewers. It makes sense to me and I am curious how people interpret it. The video ends with the artist Dani Maloney (Instagram @danimaloney) holding my head, staring directly at the camera. I find that image terrifying and powerful. ''I remember falling into you.''

Could you please take us into any memorable experiences you've experienced through the release process of this track? Also, how does this record compare to previously released works?

Working with audio engineer Rene Toledo at DogManic Recording Studios was a memorable part of this process. It’s so nice as an independent artist to find a team that cares and treats you with respect. Matt Ryan (, Instagram @wetchah) did an incredible job filming and editing. Another memorable experience was shooting everything for the music video in under 1 hour; setting up equipment and running around. Chaotic #independantartist. Even tho the song is emotional, it represents a part of me I left behind. ''Vortex'' has allowed me to finally move forward. I’m excited to share it with BuzzMusic. I want it to serve as a reminder that it's never too late to start over. We are all stronger than we think. At this point in my musical journey, I am working on single projects as I am still a beginner and have so much to learn. This record is a nice continuation of me discovering the type of music and sound I want to share with the world. I am a big fan of mixing French and English lyrics. This record does not compare to my other songs and I kind of like that. What has been your biggest takeaway from 2021?

To know your worth and distance yourself from those who choose to ignore it.

What's next for you?

I am getting ready to perform in Las Vegas as a Lead Character in a new show starting early 2022. My next single comes out on April 16th 2022. Other projects are also in the works. The hustle is real honey!!! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date (@__davidhoule). Thank you for your time. Stay safe.


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