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Get Taken Into The Soothing Sounds Of "PARADISO," By Gianluca Todisco

Independent artist Gianluca Todisco is an Italy-native currently living in the USA. He always showed his love and passion for music and the arts from a young age. Everything was a microphone to sing with, and every place became a stage to perform.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Gianluca Todisco is fresh off his latest single and video release for the song "PARADISO." The impactful essence of this record takes a dark approach to the enticing soundscape that's laced into the sonic and visual representations of this song.

With heavy percussion keeping the lively tempo of "PARADISO," we hear Gianluca Todisco perform reverberated croons soothing with how they convey his native language of Italian. The powerful ballad taps into a narrative about the control we have on our future. Speaking empowering lyrical motifs to his audience, Gianluca Todisco instills the comfort that everything will be okay in the end in terms of stagnant relationships and fears.

We love the fact that we get to see the vocals' prevailing nature paired with a one-on-one performance of Gianluca Todisco seaside, transmitting his energy into a passion-fueled number. In collaboration with videographer extraordinaire Luca Marincione and Marincione Ph, the hypnotic essence of "PARADISO" is exactly what you need to keep trucking on in your day-to-day life.

We love how the visuals showcase an abundance of passion, much like the "PARADISO" audio. What inspired the outdoor nature of this music video and your choice for location?

Hi BuzzMusic! Thank you so much, I’m really happy to share my new song with you guys!

So the idea for the visual actually came together with the creation of the song and while I was writing the lyrics. When I started the verses I had three images stuck in my mind: the ocean, the wind, and the sand. The atmosphere of all that types of colors, textures was perfect for the idea I had, especially to express the feelings of FREEDOM and LIBERATION that are the “fil rouge” of the song. The video was shot in Ostia, an amazing location on Mar Tirreno, actually really close to Rome. That place really amazed me with the incredible scenery.

Did you notice any similarities or differences in how you approached this creation versus others in your music catalog?

“PARADISO” is written and produced by me and it is actually the sequel of my other songs because my music grows up with me following my life’s experiences. For sure I loved writing the lyrics in Italian, my native language because it was the first time that I was creating something completely in Italian, but since the beginning, I felt this song should have been in my native language, especially for the messages that are painted in the song.

What would you want it to be if your audience could take away one thing from this song?

Definitely, the COURAGE. “PARADISO” expresses the courage and the power we all have to create our future. That WILL to overcome sad situations, stagnant relationships, old fears.

A very complicated path where we need to find the courage to leave behind sad realities that make us sick and we need to be brave to jump that line of the “unknown” where we can find new opportunities and create happiness. It’s the jump away from the fear, leaving the comfort zone that gives you calm and tranquility but at the same time, it’s killing your dreams, your future. Because at the other side of “that line” we can find the PARADISE.

What was it like working with Luca Marincione X Marincione Ph to bring this vision to life? How did this collaboration come to be?

As always, it was an amazing experience to collaborate with Luca Marincione, who is an incredible video maker and also a special human being. I really want to thank him a lot because technically, the video was hard to shoot because of the weather. t was really cold and really windy that day and he didn’t let anything stop him from shooting, nor the glacial water from the sea that wet his shoes since the beginning of the shooting, because that scenery was perfect for the feeling of the song.

What's next for you?

So the artistic life is a continuous project with an open heart, you have to always be ahead of what you are presenting to your audience and prepare the next idea.

Now I’m working on a few projects and something new will come out soon!



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