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Get The Party Started With Marc Dub’s “Tattoos & Liquor”

Marc Dub is an Tennessee born, and South Carolina raised MC who combines brash witty lyricism with an unmistakable southern charm resulting in an edgy, stylistic, yet comforting flow set to a vast array of production. Awarded Performer of the Year in the 2019 Atlanta Hip Hop Awards, Marc Dub is widely regarded as one of the most electrifying performer in the independent music circuit today.

Marc Dub released his single titled Tattoos & Liquor produced by Mr Hanky and it’s everything that makes a CLUB HIT. From the production, beat, arrangement, auto-tune, bass, and even the flow, “Tattoos & Liquor” was just an all-around fun, and absorbing record. The hook had me singing along and partying with the rapper. “I got tattoos and Liquor, she wants me to lick her”. It’s one of those contagious hooks where you can’t help yourself but love. You began instantly dancing along and feeling the vibe of the song. “Tattoos & Liquor” radiated the energy needed to transform your mood into a whole 360. Although the song is repetitive, it’s radio ready, and after one listen you may find yourself subconsciously knowing the entire song word for word. The lyrics seeps into your brain and marinates in your memory so even when the song isn’t even playing you’re naturally singing the hook due to the mind-hooking melody delivered by Marc Dub. Marc Dub is undoubtedly on his way to the top. With a record like this how could he go wrong? A fun and melodic ode to two favorites of pop culture, he is poised and ready to make his mark in the music industry.

Listen to “Tattoos & Liquor” here and get to know more about Marc Dub below!

Marc Dub, it's great to chat with you! Who are some of your musical influences and in what ways do they inspire you?

I draw influence from so many different artist musically we could be here all day. I would definitely say Jay-Z, Rick Ross, J Cole, & Lil Wayne to name a few. RIP to Chinx & Nipsey Hussle also. They definitely influenced me & my music a great deal as well.

Tell us about your record “Tattoos & Liquors”. What motivated you to create this?

Two things that I enjoy lol. Honestly speaking its just a fun record & I had a blast during the creative process.

What was your favorite moment in creating this single?

A few moments stand out but I think the entire process in itself was so dope to be apart of. Working with Super Producer Mr Hanky was a dream come true. Just vibing in the studio with him and the entire journey we embarked on creating this record is something I will never forget.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind you as an artist?

I definitely want to be remembered as one of the greats. I work hard at my craft and I enjoy every moment of it. I want people to enjoy what I create and the feelings it gives them. I want them to know that I put my all into my music.

What’s next for you, Marc Dub?

I have a new album titled Sorry I'm Late releasing very soon. Also more shows to be announced right around the corner so this is definitely an exciting time for me. Stay tuned...


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