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Get To Know _spaces and Their Vibrant Debut Single, "sad reacts only"

The San Diego-based hyper-pop and electronica duo _spaces unleash a powerful venture with their vibrant and magnetic debut single, "sad reacts only."

Comprised of vocalist (Kiana) kyootbot and producer (Alex) spacefixer, _spaces found the inspiration to broaden their horizons with a new music duo after kyootbot's Twitch channel went viral. Seeking new places to expand their platforms, the music felt like the perfect fit for this spunky and energetic duo.

Now releasing their high-energy debut single, "sad reacts only," _spaces stopped us dead in our tracks with their punchy and rhythmic electronic beats alongside their fluid and bright sonic foreground. Not to mention kyootbot's irresistible vocals, perfectly chopped by spacefixer, the song is truly nothing but memorable and refreshing.

Traveling through the sonic depths of _spaces debut single, "sad reacts only," the track opens with a distorted vocal chop that drops into a hefty and playful sonic foreground where _spaces drench us in sparkling synth arrangements and upbeat drum breaks. As kyootbot's fast and chopped vocals continue to deliver incredible energy and attitude, spacefixer leads us to the powerful beat drop where a punchy kick takes us by surprise and clutches our souls.

We can't get enough of this vibrant track; although it feels like it's going a mile a minute, _spaces have done an incredible job of keeping us hooked and engaged with their versatile transitions and overall sonic mastery. We adore the blend of sounds like hyper-pop and drum n' bass that _spaces have fueled this single with, as it makes for a dense, exciting, and thorough experience.

Introduce yourself to the new hyper-pop duo _spaces and their debut single, "sad reacts only," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMsuic _spaces. A big congratulations on the release of your vibrant debut single, "sad reacts only." Why did you want this song to be your debut? How does this song introduce us to you and your sound?

This song is great as our debut as it thematically represents where we’re at in life and the attitudes we face on a regular basis. We wanted the sound profile itself to be driven, energetic, and heavily electronic without worrying what kind of subgenre it might fall into.

What inspired the creation of your electrifying debut hit, "sad reacts only?" Were there any moments or experiences that inspired you to create such a vibrant piece of music?

When coming up with themes, kyootbot’s lyrical inspirations for this song pulled largely from her own mental and emotional afflictions and her struggle with managing them. We pulled from the kind of detachment that she, as well as many others, may feel regularly, focusing on the juxtaposition of these negative feelings with our desire for constant stimulation.

Could you break down your duo's creative process behind the scenes for "sad reacts only?" How did you divide the process between the two of you?

We are both good friends, so working together on this single that we mutually felt passionate about came easily to us. The production leans heavily on spacefixer’s background as a bass music producer, with a focus on metallic drum hits, heavily distorted vocals and vocal harmonies, and bright, airy synths throughout. After the general layout for the song had been formatted, kyootbot wrote and recorded the vocals. From there, we worked together to create an overall sound that we both were satisfied with.

What did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing the single "sad reacts only?"

We ultimately wanted this song to be an energizing, upbeat take, with an emphasis on its excitable vibes, as opposed to its lyrical contrast, wherein a much more melancholic experience is described. We would want the listener to come to the realization of why the song is called “sad reacts only” in spite of its happy delivery.

Could you tell us more about your duo's overall brand and what you want to represent? How does your music reflect what your duo stands for?

We want to be a manifestation of the feelings associated with living in and navigating this mostly online world. All of the excitement, anxieties, happiness, cringe, and even inability to feel color every aspect of who we are as well as our creative process.

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