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Get to Know Aaron Rizzo and His Journey to His Successful Solo Career

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Aaron Rizzo has spent his artistic time creating, producing, and engineering his own unique sound, never settling for anything other than perfection. His latest release “Push” is a true testament to Aaron’s never-ending desire to ensure a song has a comfortable home for its sound to live in. When he’s done composing a song Aaron immerses himself in a community of fellow musicians, a firm believer in the intonation that art thrives when multiple synergistic minds are involved. His admiration and praise for the community of musicians he surrounds himself with is a testament to Aaron’s humble and collaborative demeanor.

Growing up playing in bands for a large part of his formidable years. Aaron Rizzo decided to leap and set course on his own solo career. The freedom to deconstruct his thoughts at his own speed and translate them into his capitalized sound has been a freeing experience for Aaron, something he never wanted to impose on previous bands artistic directions. The time he took to compose his own music at his own pace allowed Aaron to present those ideas to his backing band, an element Aaron knew his sound would always involve. The summer of 2020 will see Aaron get back into the studio to finalize his upcoming sophomore album and following the constraints this pandemic has placed on society; Aaron Rizzo cannot wait to get back to playing his music live and reconnecting with his fans.

Discover Aaron Rizzo’s latest single “Push” here.


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