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Get to Know Alexa Abraxas' Big Debut, "Like You"

From Trinidad/Tobago to Los Angeles, the up-and-coming pop artist and singer-songwriter Alexa Abraxas releases an empowering and inspirational debut single, "Like You."

Moving to Los Angeles and delving into a career in music seemed like a dream far out of reach for the young model and singer-songwriter. After honing her craft in the city of angels for the past few years, Alexa Abraxas received various opportunities to work alongside knowledgeable industry veterans, which prepared her solo career for takeoff.

Recently releasing her romantic and empowering single, "Like You," listeners can introduce themselves to the uplifting sounds of Alexa Abraxas through her passionate lyricism and exhilarating sonic arrangements. This song is the perfect anthem for summer, as it leaves us moving and grooving throughout the entire listening experience.

Starting our venture into the single, "Like You," we're met with a warm percussion beat and melodic synth arrangements. As warm snaps appear alongside Alexa Abraxas's bright vocal portrayal, she instantly delves into her passionate lyricism of feeling the time pass by so much quicker when she's by someone's side. As she compares her lover to paradise, Alexa Abraxas leads us towards the exhilarating beat drop.

We can't get enough of the warm summer feel within this energetic single, as it perfectly blurs the lines between contemporary pop and warm electronic music. As Alexa Abraxas continues showcasing her brilliant and dynamic vocal range, she melts our speakers with words that make our hearts skip a beat.

Don't forget to add Alexa Abraxas's debut single, "Like You," to your summer playlist, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Alexa Abraxas, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Like You." Why did you want this single to be your debut and lead the way of your solo music career?

Thank you so much! As an artist, I create music from my heart and feelings. When I wrote “Like you” at the time I was currently so in love with someone who meant so much to me, so I wanted to express that with my craft.

What inspired the passionate lyrical theme within "Like You?” Was there a particular moment that sparked your inspiration for this single?

I feel like I’ve been focused on my career for some time, this song is based on a past relationship that seemed so perfect and felt like everything a woman could want in a man. There was a moment where he was such a gentleman when he unbuckle my shoes and held them for me while we walked on the beach and I thought to myself I want a man “Like You”.

Did you work with any producers when crafting the warm electro-pop sonics for "Like You?” What sort of atmosphere did you want the sonics to deliver?

I enjoyed Rebel Beats because it’s fun, fresh, and upbeat! I have enjoyed working with Adrian Jauregui a creditable Indie Singer-Songwriter on the development and guidance of the song. I want my listeners to get into their feelings and embrace who they are while listening to “Like you”. I want them to feel a sense of love and euphoria.

What should we expect from your future releases? Do you plan to continue this passionate, upbeat, and energetic sound?

Well, that’s tough! Being an artist, I write and express myself and my current emotions. Yes, there will be more upbeat and energetic pop songs, but I can say right now the next single will be a little different as it’s going to be a country-pop single! I have always loved the country and with recent experience, I wrote a song that will reflect my heartache, broken heart but the strength and growth from it. I’m excited to continue to create and express myself through music.

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