Get to Know BELLS and Her Quest for Her Own Distinct Sound

Resisting to be confined to one specific genre of music, BELLS is creating and arranging fresh, multi-faceted sounds. Based in Los Angeles, BELLS began songwriting as a kid; she stowed away in her room-filling up journals with her original lyrics. It was that enate ability that paved the way for her in the music business. Her skill in crafting thought-provoking and free-flowing lyrics caught the attention of local Hip-Hop and R&B artists, and she started writing songs for other artists.

Realizing that she wanted to set her own voice to her lyrical creations, BELLS took some time away from the scene and started carefully tuning her sound. Her celestial vocals are paired with her innate ability to devise lyrics listeners can relate to. Singing about themes like societal deficiencies, personal compulsions, and the relationships we cultivate with each other, BELLS is providing a wide range of lyrical subject matter. BELLS diverse taste in music finds her continually listening to something new across multiple genres. Each project she creates can a jump-off point from a different genre, following her intuition on honing in on sounds that genuinely inspire her, BELLS creates a unique arena of sound. With a natural ability to create relatable and memorable material, we can't wait to hear what BELLS releases next.

Discover "eating2much" here.

Hi BELLS! Welcome to BuzzMusic! You’ve created such an interesting arrangement in your newest single, “eating2much”, and we know that you not only wrote this song but produced it as well! What can you tell us about the production choices behind the music? Do you ever struggle to find inspiration when it comes to creating most of the music yourself?

Thank you so much! I generally hear how I want the production to sound on a song when I write it/while I write it. It all comes into my head at the same time, but I do struggle with the technical side sometimes of how to bring my ideas to life. For this one, I had written it on guitar but wanted the main chords to be keys. I started there and that kind of informed the rest of the track. I love hip-hop/r&b, so that was the inspiration behind the beat and bass line. In general, though, I always let the song itself guide how I produce it. 

What first sparked your interest in writing so early on in your life?

Hmm, honestly just necessity. I don’t remember any particular reason why I even wanted a guitar, but I did and as soon as I had one, I taught myself and started writing songs. I never remember thinking that I wanted to, I just did and then I really enjoyed it. It was my way of feeling understood, like the songs themselves were my friends or mentors validating my feelings when I didn’t feel understood by others.  

The meaning behind “eating2much” involves the over-consumption of external voices. We loved this story and the meaning so much cause it can relate to so many people! Can you tell us more behind the story and how you wrote it? How did you come up with this concept?

Thank you!! It was pretty random actually. I had just eaten dinner while watching some kind of interview or podcast on youtube, and then wrote this song super quick. It was pretty literal. Like I literally was “eating too much” of these conversations other people were having and disappointed in the ones I was having with my friends at the time. I was getting more fulfillment from what I was listening to then my friendships all while feeling like I was wasting time “learning” and working on self-growth. I knew that letting go of certain friends, stopping listening to outside voices/opinions, and just staying focused on my work and myself was the only thing that would truly fulfill me. 

Do you have any influences behind your music? How have they shaped the way you write and produce?

I’m super influenced by the music I listen to, which changes all the time but always informs what I make as my taste changes. When I made this song I was listening to a lot of Jorja Smith, Sza, Frank Ocean, Kruangbin, Tierra Whack, and other amazing artists in that world. The sounds and worlds they create in their productions really inspire me. 

What can fans anticipate next from you, BELLS?

I’m so excited for the next few songs I’ll be releasing! People can anticipate something new! I write a lot of poetry and finally found a way to use it in my music that I can’t wait to share. :)